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Guns are gone!?


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I am a casual gamer and I have been playing GTA V online since it came out. Well, I was playing on the 360 yesterday and all of a sudden ALL of my guns were gone. What causes this? A modder of course. No way to get the guns back? Why do they do this and how? Really upsets me since I honestly don't play much and I join a freeroam and within about 20 minutes this happens. Bummer.

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Just keep joining other sessions, weapons should reappear after a while


Edit: I noticed you are not on PC, I haven't played last gen for a while so I can't tell you if the weapons dropping system is fixed

Edited by JohnnyK
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Anything modders do can usually be undone by R* simply by sending a ticket into them.




They usually respond fast. There's nothing we can do for you on the forums here.

There's no need for this...Anything short of having your cars moved from your garage and moved dropped/removed from you doesn't require a ticket to be sent

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In honesty, I'd very much like this to happen for me since I could finally get rid of the Gusenberg and Musket.

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Arrows to Athens

Get a current generation system. That 360 is an antique.

We're peasants, sorry.

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I think we need to start up some charity for these last generation users. They make me sad. Probably still have a console tv, too.

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^ douchebags ^


He said that he's casual gamer so why does he need next gen system?

Edited by Flafty
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That's enough spam thanks.


Topic Closed.

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