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loading screens


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I previously made a video about my annoyance with loading and error screens after I spent several minutes loading and then got repeatedly disconnected by the game, which I think people here might understand:

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I previously made a video about my annoyance with loading and error screens after I spent several minutes loading and then got repeatedly disconnected by the game, which I think people here might understand:

lol that made me chuckle. Should of added the southpark " PISS OUT MY ASS " line from the tourette episode.

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You kids have no idea what we used to have to put up with.



Below is not my content.



Kids these days have no regard for who we are, how long we've been playing, or what we've seen. The Dreamcast era, the great console wars, the atrocity of the Sega CD


Motherf*cker, I am 35 years old, and I've been gaming since I was younger than you. You're upset that GTAV takes a few minutes to load its detail rich graphics? I remember when we didn't have graphics. I spent all night playing MUDs; my graphics were speed-reading.


You think Mario is a cliche? I remember when he wasn't a thing. I've been playing games since before Mario. That's like being alive before Jesus. You're all, "Excuse me, I think I know what I'm talking about -- I've been to Bible college," but you don't realize you're talking to a B.C. motherf*cker.


You complaining to me about your DLC and connection issues -- it's like complaining about your fancy steak being overcooked, when I was around before steak. I was running the Earth before mammals. I was back there eating the goddamn dinosaurs. All chewing on stegosaurus plates and sh*t. Oh, your meat is dry? My dinner is spikes. Raw spikes.


I am literally old enough to f*ck your mother and it wouldn't be weird. I mean, supposing she was into it. People would see us together and they wouldn't be all, "That's inappropriate." They'd be like, "Good for her; they seem nice together." We'd hold hands and take funny pictures in a photo booth, and when she falls asleep in my arms, spent and satisfied, I'm so old that I wouldn't even get weird about it when she farts in her sleep. Because I not only accept the faults of the human body but actually get some comfort from the humanizing effect it has on her.


Now stop complaining and play the game you little b*tch.



I need to find the man who originally typed that and shake his hand.

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I do something to pass the time, by counting how many press-ups I can do before a session starts. On average I hit about 40 in 60 seconds so I don't have to kill myself slowly waiting for a session to load up.


You should learn from me. Do something around the house rather than stare at the screen, It'll give you the confidence to engage in activities outside.

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