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Anyone needs help finishing the Humane Labs Heist ?

Felon Forever

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Felon Forever

Hey, I'm looking to join in a Humane Labs Heist, preferably one that's close to the Finale. If you can ensure no low levels / randoms / trolls in the action I'll do the Finale for a lower cut or even for free.


I want to unlock Insurgents for my second character (buying them 25% cheaper today). The guy is Lvl 135 and has a player saved heavy combat outfit.


More Info about me copied from the Heists Free Agent Topic:


System/ID: PS4 / vapidorapido

Location: Germany / GMT+1

Languages: German (native), English (English major university level)

Mic: yes

What I expect: professionalism, player saved outfits, Kuruma where sensible, hard difficulty, 40/20/20/20 (Series A Finale I do for 15%)

What you get: level 470+, team player, experienced on all positions

Heists Top 5: 1 = Pacific Standard, 2 = Humane Labs, 3 = Fleeca, 4 = Series A, 5 = Prison Break

Edited by Superfrogger
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In general, add me up if you want to play some heists some day.

I haven't migrated my character over to PS4 but will in the coming week(s).

Already have all heists unlocked and all the basic stuff you'd expect from someone who means business when playing heists, which is I guess why we're all here trying to find good teammates :panic:

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Felon Forever

This is still relevant, still searching.


I joined a random Finale earlier but gave up after the ground team failed for the fifth time (they didn't pick the combat outfit even though it was available 'from selecion'). The host put me as pilot, I was the only Lvl 100+ player.

Edited by Superfrogger
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Criminal mastermind here.

Dont need a cut just keep it. Have plenty enough money.

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Felon Forever

Criminal mastermind here.

Dont need a cut just keep it. Have plenty enough money.


Well, if I'd get 3 other people together like - right now - I'd start hosting Humane Labs from scratch. But since that is unlikely I'm trying to offer my asssistance to people who are already running the heist ... and dread to try running e.g. Deliver EMP or the Finale with people from auto-invite.


But thanks for the offer. Maybe it makes it more likely that a host will post now that he can get at least two competent people who'll do the HL Finalee for a 0% cut.

Edited by Superfrogger
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I'm taking it you've had this done by now. You certainly should've. But if your still interested in heisting then let me know.

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