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PS4 The Prision Break Help


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Hey guys, I Tried this Mission for like a 100 times, i'm not a Bad Player but there are always noobs in my Team. I search for a crew that can help me, you will get all the money from the job. I'm 18/ger with good Englisch skills. I have always time

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I'd help out but I haven't migrated my character over to PS4 yet.


Basically when trying Prison break with randoms, the best is for you to play as Officer. Then have the lowest level (doesn't mean lowest performance but you have to be judgmental with randoms) play prisoner and tell him to stay behind in cover while you do all the dirty work.

Then have the player with the highest piloting stats take the plane, since you don't need demolition at all, demolition can go take a hike while the plane avoids all jets (not hard at all).

Demolition should be the remainder player, but sometimes it's though because people still manage to suicide on a Buzzard.

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Tip: Look at people's stat's and assign them to the correct job.


Example: High flying skill - Pilot.


Set the lowest level person to the demolition as it's the easiest.

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Thanks for the help, I already Tried nearly everything. When I'm the pilot the Otter Team dies, when Im the Prisioner the Pilot dies. Ist just riduciulous I try this mission everyday 4 or 5 times but always a noob or Troll in my team. How can this even be?? If youre a god player and have a good heart help this poor boy, who is terorrised by unskilled players.

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Well if so desperate.. add me up, I'll start GTAO on PS4 but it will be a tmp Level 1 character while I migrate my real one.

Would take pilot role and just hope that the fella on the Buzzard manages to stay alive and the prisoner can follow the instruction to take cover and be out of the way.


Oh but BTW I'm on EST and I during the week I can only play at night so probably that's like 2-3 am in Deutschland.

Edited by gta_psychedelic
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