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PSN says i have the trophy, R* social club says I don't?


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as well as my other problem just posted, i also noticed something else..

4 days ago, i got the trophy 'can't touch this' (a heist one). on my PSN and on the psnprofiles they both say i have the trophy, but on rockstar social club it says i don't.

yet, a couple hours ago i just got the trophy 'decorated' - and all of them say i got that one (including rockstar).

should i be worried? if i get the remaining trophies might i not get the platinum los santos legend if rockstar still thinks i havent got 'can't touch this' when in fact i have??

sorry for the multiple posts, i've had a horrid time with all sorts of problems playing gta online and with my playstation network and console!


edit: interestingly, in the game it says that i have the plat medal for 'can't touch this'? what gives?

Edited by Nihilanth1982
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I remember having the same issue with this one but I think I did it again with my second charachter and it popped. It may have been after the prison finale as the demo but you can try to keep doing the fleeca finale without taking any damage and with a second charachter if possible. Im pretty sure psn trophies will pop regardless of the charachter you are using.

I've had a open ticket about another SC trophy with them since May and they havent fixed it for me. Good Luck!

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this is hilarious.


now rockstar says i have the trophy for 'live a little' when in fact i dont and didnt even go for it. their system's messed up!


it better not interrupt my game!

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this is hilarious.


now rockstar says i have the trophy for 'live a little' when in fact i dont and didnt even go for it. their system's messed up!


it better not interrupt my game!

Try unlinking your PSN from Social Club and then re-linking it

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The Lone Wanderer

just ignore what rockstar says, I fruit is half broken, social club has several months of lagand their servers are f*cked

Edited by The Lone Wanderer
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Social Club, looses track of my Ps4 progress too,

I signed in yesterday and looked over everything and it looked pretty much correct, Moneys trophies ect......I just logged in this morning and Social Club shows nothing nada zip............my online character is blank, zero dollars no rank, none of the story mode characters show any usage or money, it even says i have 0.00% game completion, and should read somewhere in the 60% range for the ps4, I just checked by signing in on the ps4....all is good there, I have unlinked and re linked my psn account...but what struck me as odd is on my profile page it has blocks that says i just completed this and that on the ps4 LOL

Edited by dlow
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Social club is well-known for being wrong on a lot of levels. Sometimes it fixes itself, then breaks it again. If I play one of my created-content modes I get the silver/gold/platinum awards (and the 1400 RP for those) because it keeps getting reset to 13 when I have over 200 plays.


When I got a trophy I had to re-sync my collection from my PS3 to PSN in order for it to update on Social Club. I remember there was a pair of heist-update trophies that were switched with each other on the website. I thought they fixed that, but maybe not.

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