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Cutscene keeps crashing, any alternative?


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hey guys! I have a problem regarding a mission in gta sa where you go to a mafia warehouse to blow up the chips...


Mission: You've Had Your Chips


Problem: Game crashes on start of Cutscene


This is modded of course but only the cs models and cj


I've played the game without changing csplay in the cutscene but when i try to start the game after changing cj, it crashes alot even with him only modded.



I've tried many times and the cutscene only plays with normal cj with modded/normal cswoozie and cstriada.



I know it will play but idk why mine doesn't...


I searched on the forum there is this mod named cutscene viewer for gta sa




...but the only problem for me is that i can't download it and i end up in this site >http://tfads.com/sacode/released.html



I wish you would shed some light on my problem because i cant progress through the game especially im recording the gameplay.


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Remove mods.

All thing that i can recommend u.

Btw,Which mods EXACTLY u have?

Maybe they are conflicting...

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Try removing that mod first but I don`t thinks that it is somehow the cause. May be you did an mistake while installing that.

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  • 5 years later...
On 9/7/2015 at 2:29 PM, Lunarwolf said:

I have cloud strife as a replacement for csplay during cutscenes, every cutscene before this works perfectly with no crash.



Hello. Have you fix your cutscenes crash issue? I replaced CJ’s csplay as well and I too now can’t play this mission cutscenes 

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