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[C++] GET_RENDERING_CAM() how to?

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hi guys, i've been working on camera so much, but on V i've seen so many shi*s changed.. does anybody know how to get the current playing game camera and working with it?


seems very strange but.. this doesn't work 4 example..

Vector3 playerPosition = ENTITY::GET_ENTITY_COORDS(me, false);CAM::POINT_CAM_AT_COORD(CAM::GET_RENDERING_CAM(), playerPosition.x, playerPosition.y, playerPosition.z);CAM::GET_RENDERING_CAM() // should get the rendering cam currently working with player world or what?!
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are you first creating a script cam with CREATE_CAM_WITH_PARAMS and then turning on RENDER_SCRIPT_CAMS to render from it? The main "gameplay-cam" cannot be manipulated by hardly any of the natives (it has no handle with which to work with) and thus it would not be returned by GET_RENDERING_CAM. But one of the up-to-26 "script" cams you can create should be able to, I would guess. If you want a script cam to act like the gameplay cam, you can create the new cam with params as having the same coords and same rotation as the gameplay cam (both can be retrieved by natives in the CAM namespace), then modify it a little. Also, there is a native in the GRAPHICS namespace I saw called _ENABLE_GAMEPLAY_CAM, which will disable the main game-camera if you set it to false. Not sure if that could be useful, but just putting it out there.

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