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[REL|SA] Indian Auto rickshaw / Tuk-Tuk (Bajaj RE compact)


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\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Auto Rickshaw //////////
\\ Tuk-Tuk | Samosa //
Ver: 1.0 (RC)
Autor: Reix2x
An auto rickshaw, also known as a three-wheeler, samosa, tempo, tuk-tuk (in Thailand), trishaw, autorick, bajaj (in India and Indonesia), keke Napep or Maruwa (in Nigeria),
rick, tricycle, mototaxi, baby taxi, lapa or tukxi (Piaggio Ape Calessino) in popular parlance, is a common form of public transportation in many countries around the world.
It is usually a three-wheeled cabin cycle for private use, and as a vehicle for hire. The vehicle is a motorized version of the traditional pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw.
Auto rickshaws are an essential form of urban transport in many locations with tropical and subtropical climate including many developing countries.
- 4.95 MB dff
- 4.85 MB txd
- High Quality Interior
- High Detail Exterior
- Own Collision model
- Own Shadow model
- Own Chassis_vlo
- Own Made High Poly Model
- High Resolution Textures (512-2048)
- Mip-Mapping Textures
- Intended for work perfectly on stock game
- GTASA Tunable
- GTASA License Plates
- GTASA 4 Colours
- 8 different four Colors Combinations
- Model adapted to Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1. (extremely recomended)
- Working Steer
- Working Reverse lights
- Working Turn lights



Some 3D Facts:
Scene Totals:
Objects: 61
Helpers: 40
Total: 101
Mesh Totals:
Verts: 43634
Faces: 83617
Software Used (thanks to the autors):
+Modeling: 3DS Max 2014, Kam's GTA Scripts
+Texturing: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Paint.net 4.0.5
+To build the TXD: Magic TXD Builder 0.9.4
+To improve the Shadow
and Col models: Collision File Editor II 0.4 Beta
+To work on data files: CFG Studio 2.0.380
About the car:
In 1947, Corradino D'Ascanio, aircraft designer at Piaggio and inventor of the Vespa, came up with the idea of building a light three-wheeled commercial vehicle to power Italy's
post-war economic reconstruction. The Piaggio Ape followed suit. Auto rickshaws in Southeast Asia started from the knockdown production of the Daihatsu Midget which was introduced in 1957.
Japan exported three-wheelers to Thailand since 1934. Moreover, The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Japan donated about 20,000 used three-wheelers to Southeast Asia.
In Japan, three-wheelers went out of use in the latter half of the 1960s.
An auto rickshaw is generally characterized by a sheet-metal body or open frame resting on three wheels, a canvas roof with drop-down side curtains, a small cabin in the front of the vehicle
for the driver (sometimes called an auto-wallah), and seating space for up to three passengers in the rear. Newer models are generally fitted engines such as the Daihatsu E-series engine with
handlebar controls instead of a steering wheel.
+Medium of advertisement:
Auto rickshaws were first used as a medium of advertising in 2001. India's consumer review website MouthShut.com pioneered the concept of painting their logos on the backs of the hood of these
auto rickshaws [6] India's leading newspaper DNA reports the story of how Mouthshut.com CEO Faisal Farooqui convinced auto rickshaw drivers to let him paint behind their rickshaws. Auto rickshaw
advertising is a cost-effective advertisement for websites, and an extra source of income for auto-rickshaw drivers.


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