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GTA: Madrazo Expansion


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for long I was unable to think of any good name for this story, so this one is only to title it somehow....
Anyway, should you have any ideas on this part, feel free to suggest :)
Now to the story:

This "Expansion" takes place several days before the Union Depository Heist from Single Player. Its main focus is on Heists but of course some story around it must be as well, as to not have just concepts but a fanart on some level of quality; and the rest of intro is within the first "mission".

Mission 1: A bit roughly




It was late at night.

Looking down from a roof, a man in dark clothing and helmet on his head, heard familiar voice just as he wanted to let go and jump down:

“Don´t jump!”

Upon looking behind, the man recognized person in purple suit and brown smart shoes, with hair of faded white color, Martin Madrazo, who was looking at him a bit angrily and a bit with fear as well. Beside him were two men, both holding assault rifles, one having pink and the other one black bandana on their faces, short pants and shirt a off their size – Ballas style. Just as the man wanted to speak, one of the two shot him in the chest and the man fell off the roof of Maze Bank.

“N--!!” Madrazo shouted, then he ran to the edge of the roof and spotted a parachute gliding down with big black R in the middle on its entirely yellow top part.

“You lucky bastard!” He smiled a little and calmly returned back to his thugs while giving a disappointed gaze at the man on left side.

As the man was parachuting towards monumental houses of Rockford Hills, he hit a bird diverting his course towards Downtown Vinewood and made him fall faster. Upon looking at possible landing places, he saw that an entire area around Cinema Doppler was cleared out of traffic and a big crowd was watching someone yet behind a wall, thus making him invisible to the man. Lately it was clear that it was an entertainer of some sort, but that was the last of worries the falling man had at that moment. Entertainer was performing more or less in center of an improvised podium, so he made his way – his flight, right there. As he was really close and some people even saw him, he planned to land a bit in front of the entertainer for a fancy entrance, but as it happened, the entertainer was curious about a flying man as well and so he walked further to gain better view of the sky, just to be surprised by a painful hit when those two collided. After getting on their feet, the man took off his helmet revealing his face – blue eyes, a thin moustache covering his face upon his upper lip, blonde hair in “High Slicked Sides” style, and spoke:

“I am sorry, I didn´t mean to crush you like that.” And he smiled.

“Ahhhh… Well, you made my “dying-out” magic performance live again, at least for a while. There´s no beef between us.”

The magician placed his black cylinder back on his head, as it fell during the collision, and continued his performance. The man ordered a cab and once it arrived, the driver, a black man with shaved hair, he wore white shirt and brown cargo pants, asked where the man would like to go:

“Eh, homie. Where can I take you?”

“Rockford Hills, house 2888.”

“A´ight, cool.”

The driver safely delivered the man to yellow house which´s number he was told to go to. The man paid him a thousand dollars fee, even though he was asked only for eighty-two dollars, then walked a bit south from mailbox but stopped and looked back, because he felt the driver was stalking him. And he really was! The man stood with about quarter a meter distance between his legs and with hands crossed through each other on his chest like bouncers at night clubs usually have. The driver drove away and the man walked to Madrazo´s house. He buzzed the bell and Madrazo opened the door for him, let him in and sat on a sofa. After a few moments Madrazo spoke:

“Smart move with that bulletproof vest, but… What were you doing on top of Maze Bank, Victor?”

“I was trying to help you.”

“By killing yourself and nearly causing me a heart attack?”

“We both know your business lost on value, your stocks on Liberty City National Exchange Index dropped quite a bit – one of the reasons I came to visit you, father. I can rebuild your economy, but I need money to do so. And as you saw, my try wasn´t very successful. I need your account at my disposal.”

“I keep ninety per cent. “Why?” Because you will be operating with my money. And by the way I too kept my eye on you. Your attempt on stocks wasn´t very well played, but I might have caused it by… eliminating some of your workers… Anyway, you want to make money to make your own stock, that I understand, but you must earn it!”

Martin and Victor agreed on the terms, hugged each other like a family usually does and then Victor went upstairs to sleep out the night. He heard Martin typing with keyboard and when, after 10 minutes, Martin wrote what he wanted, Victor could fall asleep without any disturbance.


Mission passed!



Mission 2: Financing




At around eight o´clock Victor woke up and saw a cup of tea and a banana near his bed on a nightstand to the left from his bed. He drank the tea and began eating the banana while already changing into his casual clothes. After he put on blue buggy pants, brown smart shoes, blue sports coat, white tucked and charcoal refined glasses, he threw the banana peel to a bin and made his way downstairs, where Martin was already watching TV. They greeted each other and the talking about business now could begin.

“You see, I would give you my stocks, but I am broke… Totally…”

“Alright, any ideas?”

“Actually yes, I will call an old friend who was recently making moves in here. THAT kind of moves. Someone planned his stuff, so he could work for us as well.”

“Tell me once it´s ready, I´ll make us a “base investment” to keep us from falling apart.”

Martin picked up his phone and started calling…

“Oh, Hello Michael, how are you living? Could you…” the rest Victor did not hear as he was already away.

He took his father´s black Baller and went to Los Santos Customs in Burton. As he saw an Adder entering the place, Victor parked near the entrance, blocking the way out. When the orange Adder was leaving, the LSC´s garage door opened and the man nearly crashed into the Baller. Victor, while already having a mask put on, took from his pocked a pistol with suppressor and aimed it at the driver, who afterwards exited the vehicle.

“How much do you value your life?”

“A-a lot man, don´t do this, please!” A man answered with shaky voice.”

“Call paramedics to this location.”

“Uh, hello! Paramedics to LSC Burto--” His sentence couldn´t be finished because Victor already smashed his gun on the man´s head making him fall unconscious.

Victor called Martin to pick up the Baller, which he drove to a parking lot, and then went away in the Adder making his way to another LSC located in La Mesa. There he got the license plate changed and the Adder resprayed to a black colour with red strips, altogether costing him two thousand dollars - the rest of his money. From all the sudden his phone began ringing:

“Son, why was my car in mod shop?”

“Doesn´t matter; can you make a car sale?”

“I am not selling the Baller.”

“No, but an Adder, which I took from the shop´s client.”

“Really? Alright, respray it and deliver it home, I will call someone who might be interested.”

Victor did as Martin said and upon returning home, he immediately ran to toilet, because the nature called… A while afterwards:

“You see, the car is gorgeous, but stolen, so its value goes from a million to maximally four hundred thousand dollars…”

“That does not matter, with this we can begin with stocks again.”

“Yes, you are right. Anyway, the call was successful and now mister Crest wants to meet you. El Mesa, Garment factory.”

“Heh, Lester Crest? Alright, I saw some of his status updates on Lifeinvader. Actually quite a lot of them. This contact can prove to be useful.”


Mission passed!




Mission 3: Scope out




Suddenly a symphonic music started playing…

“What is that noise?”

“Father, it is Vivaldi – Spring, it is a classic!”

Victor picked up his phone while already heading to the Baller, even though the caller was undercover:

“Listen, we might be able to move on this thing. I prefer not to meet in person but for you I´ll make an exception. Anyway, head over to Murrieta Heights.” Phone call ended…


Victor heard his father´s voice just as he wanted to drive away:

“Call me when you are done!”

Victor nodded and went to Lester, on the way, however, while passing by LSC, a drifting driver in Prison bus nearly crashed into him, but as he missed Victor, he lost balance and his bus flipped over. The man crawled out of the bus climbing on its engine plating, and while being a bit confused, he fell off it onto the ground. He got on his knees, looked into the sky and screamed:

“AAAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhh! I will break him!!! A wretched creature which dares to block my way!”

In a short while a police man arrived within his car and arrested the psycho. As long as Victor had them in sight, the psycho was holding his middle fingers pointed at the cop giving him “The Bird”, while already being handcuffed.

Victor went to Lester, as nothing else stood in his way, but as soon as he reached El Rancho Boulevard, a waypoint was triggered on his GPS and soon after a text came saying to follow the directions. Victor came to what seemed as a house, but with surveillance everywhere around. He walked closer and the door buzzed. Victor went in and noticed tons of interesting stuff, like UFO photos and documents, Bigfoot´s sighting reports on news and the fact that Lester is a collector, he had a lot of action figures around his shelves… Besides other stuff that took Victor´s attention, a sword placed in darker part of the house fascinated him probably the most.

“But that isn´t why I called you here!”

Victor noticed a man dressed in green shirt and blue jeans, having glasses on his nose underneath light-brown hair, on wheelchair talking to him, who lately revealed himself to be Lester Crest. Lester waited until another man came, dressed in white shirt with gold necklace and in cargo pants of dark color. Having pure black glasses, Victor couldn´t see much of his important parts of face.

“So, I heard from mister Madrazo´s… associate, that you would like me to plan you a score. What I got is a Fleeca Bank franchise, a bank filled with deposit boxes. Anyway, there is no buy in – now normally, there would be a buy in, you would put money up front, we would arrange the job and you´d pull it off, but this time I will cover the upfront costs. Call it a… price of getting a look at you. And there´s…”

“Wait a second, how long were you stalking me, L?”

“No, not you, the other guy!”

The other guy looked strangely at Lester…

“But anyway, there is no risk to you, well, aside from getting caught or killed. But it is better to die than be in prison, no? Nah, probably not… Nevermind, let´s go!”

Lester let the men to his blue Declasse Asea parked about two car lengths away from Victor´s Baller. The other guy ran to the driver´s seat, so Victor walked slowly with Lester to get their sitting places as well.

“There´s a Fleeca franchise out of Western Highway near Chumash, take us there. A word of warning, we´re on the job right now so don´t let the cops notice you. If they come after us, we call it off.”

“So, L, any ideas on the approach?”

“Heh, funny you asked: We´re driving out to the bank, taking a look at it, picking up some equipment and then heading back to make our plans – not very complex at all.”

“Sounds clever… Any special reason to target this bank?”

Lester after giving a few moments of strange stare at Victor, finally answered:

“Hmm! Another good questions, heh, you are full of good questions, you´re like--”

“L? The reason.” Inpatient as always, Victor wanted his answer.

“It is in open – works for your getaway, but it will also work for the cops, speed up their response time.”

“So we are in no advantage.”

“Not yet, but I have a specific item ready for the job. But now get to the bank!”

Victor wasn´t trying to continue the conversation as Lester was getting angry. Only once they arrived after multiple collisions into traffic and highway barriers, Lester showed the two of them security cameras´ point of view, revealing a banker behind bulletproof glass, but with small opening in between the pane and wooden table. The safe in the back of the bank wasn´t guarded at all. All they needed was to hack the security and the gateway is open.

“V! I´ve uploaded a neat little program I wrote to your cell, it will do most of the work for you but it is probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with the way it works. You can either gyroscope off your phone to point the green ball in directions, or you can use your onscreen arrows to navigate it.”

Victor was playing with the navigation at first using gyro, but that turned out to be inefficient, as the driver was constantly hitting something, always misdirecting Victor´s ball. Using arrows he delivered the ball though all three segments of hacking without a single failure.

When looking up - away from the phone´s screen, Victor noticed they were at Garment Factory, where a girl was standing beside a Declasse Granger loaded up with three crates in its trunk. After greeting each other – that is except the driver who hasn´t spoken since they met, the driver took them to his apartment in Eclipse Towers, Rockford Hills.

Inside the luxury apartment filled with multiple gorgeous housing, they moved into the planning room where a board was prepared right next to a map of Los Santos.

“Alright, now Paige will set up a board for you, won´t you Paige?

Anyway, a Korean stick-up crew uses an Armored Kuruma you will be getting from them when I tell you, it seems they are on job right now, because they are always in a certain parking lot while not active. For now lay low, we do not want any unwanted attention. I´ll text each of you when they are at the parking lot.”

Lester, Paige and the driver remained in the apartment, while Victor went home.


Mission passed!




Mission 4: Add, er… problem?




“So, how did it went?” Martin greeted his son.

“Well, I´d say well, nothing too complex, but if you have anything stored in Fleeca on Western Highway near Chumash, withdraw it. Also there was one weirdo with us… Strange guy, but Lester thinks he can help.”

“Is he really necessary?”

“Yes, while I am in the back, someone must control the witnesses.”

This conversation lasted for quite a while until Martin was satisfied with the information, then the two of them started a match of chess, but half way through the game they heard gun shots – Martin´s bodyguards were fending off some thugs, each of the thugs had an “X” in green color sprayed across their clothing, whether it was shirts or vests. As the attackers wielded only knifes and there were only four of them that came in a purple van, the bodyguards were done quite quickly, but now what with the bodies?

“As you see, I have good protection, Victor.”

“Yes”, to the bodyguards: “take their bodies into the back of the van and lock it, I´ll make a call and get rid of them.”

After this Victor called the police and told them to look for a purple van near lake in the hills, which might have been in a car accident, then he turned on mobile Wi-Fi, got into the van and drove off. As he was driving, the van was tuned to Pirate Radio and a song “I hate everything about you” began playing.

“Now isn´t this ironic?” Victor said to himself.

He drove to Lake Vinewood, where he attached a sticky bomb under the van´s engine along with his phone, went to a safe distance and detonated it, causing pretty nice explosion. The police soon came and approached Victor questioning him.

“What are you doing here and what have you seen?” Asked the policeman.

“I-I… it blew-an-and-and…”

“Get this man a medic, he might have been hit!” Shouted the policeman to his sister in law.

Soon the place was crowded with curious people and Victor used this to slip by unnoticed. He ran back to his home and reported to Martin, who was very pleased with Victor´s performance and gave him new phone.

“And how did you get away from the cops?”

“I pretended to be in shock, you know – a passerby in who´s vicinity a car exploded.”

“You are quite gifted criminal, I am proud of you. Anyway, I was looking at the thugs and noticed that their “X” is identical to the one on Adder´s roof. If we do not sell it quick, we will not sell it at all. Luckily a buyer agreed to buy it for $400.000 within a week.”

“Well, we obviously do not have a week, call him – we are selling it right now for $100.000.”

Martin couldn´t be more amazed by his son´s leadership and so he did as Victor told him.

“After the call text me the destination, I´d rather drive this thing a bit around rather than await next attack.”

Victor entered the luxury car and quickly went away. In five minutes a text came from his father: “Adam´s Apple Blvd. / Power St. – Premium Deluxe Motorsport”

Upon arriving, Victor noticed a gangster-like black guy in shorts, green shirt and a hat, standing by the drive in to the shop, who waved to him. Victor parked next to him and when he exited the vehicle the man spoke to him right away:

“Oh man! This ride is sick, dog! Alright, I´ll call the boss. Eh, Simeon! That dude´s here with the ride!”

And Simeon really did come, welcoming Victor as a long lost brother.

“A´ight, cool, I´mma leave you dudes now, and Simeon! This better be for an employee of the month this time!”

“Ah, Lamar, he is still upset of the incident we had… Well, hello friend, so we agreed on $100.000, right?” Simeon´s friendly nature was creeping Victor out.

“Yes, exactly, I´m sure you know that´s a rapid drop in price so lets do this quickly.”

Simeon accepted and bought the car, but still had a few things to talk about.

“So, this car isn´t yours, is it?”

“Not anymore, but yes, it never was.”

“Excellent, I´ll have it resprayed, but there is another thing – Tell me, you are quite resourceful, yes? I was thinking we could do business together. I tell you what to get me, you do so and you will be paid. What do you think?”

“I am very busy at the moment, but sure, why not. Give me your number and I´ll tell you when I´m available.”


The two of them parted ways, Simeon called Lamar to take care of the Adder and Victor got a phone call from hidden number.


Mission passed!




Mission 5: Kuruma




Lester called saying the Kuruma is ready at the Del Perro parking lot, protected by a “nasty Korean stick-up crew”. Next he instructed to join the stranger from last time at the Eclipse Towers and when they have the car, to take it to his Garment Factory.

Victor went to the nearby AmmuNation that was right around the corner. There he bought green Boiler Suit and a left-over mask of Impotent Rage. Next on his shopping list were an Assault Rifle and a suppressor for the same weapon. Naturally he didn´t bother going back to the stranger and went straight for the car. Victor hired a taxi to take him to the parking lot. Once there, he met no resistance on the lower floors as he was advancing through the North side of the parking lot, but as he crept closer to the very top, there were a lot of Koreans. Victor dressed into his new outfit and threw his last left-over grenade at the two Koreans standing by a car in the center of the top floor. This killed them and lured others to their location, so the actual Kuruma was left behind with only as much as three guards – those were no match for Victor´s rifle and when they all fell dead, he crept into the car, started up the engine, upon which all of the crew responded hostilely. That was of no matter though, as the Kuruma was laughing at their faces while Victor drove off in it. After cruising through the city and eventually loosing the pursuers, Victor left the car in Lester´s factory. After a bit of hesitation he went up the stairs of the factory until he met Paige. She reacted a bit angrily upon seeing him:

“Hey! Lester was waiting for you for ages! Get to him and source the car.”

“Hello to you too, pretty lady; the Kuruma is waiting for you outside. It has a lot of bullets in it, but I trust you can handle that. Well, as you said, Lester is impatient, so I´m going to call him immediately.”

“Oh… wow! That was unexpected. I´ll recommend you to Lester, maybe he will have some extra work for you after the job.”

They said their goodbyes and Victor called Lester about the job:

“Hey, L.”

“You are late! Get in here already!” It was not possible for his anger not to be noticed.

“It is done, Paige is taking care of the car and she will inform you when it is ready, now excuse me, I must check on my father.”

With this Victor ended the call and did as he said he would, after changing back to his normal clothes and leaving the old ones in the factory for later use.


Mission passed!




Free roam 1




Right after Victor finished the call with Martin and as he wanted to put away his phone, he noticed a strange icon on his phone – the “X” that was sprayed on thugs before. He answered the call, although while not having the phone on mute, the ringtone didn´t make a sound.

“Hello.” Said Victor – the only thing that he could get out of his self.

No voice as a response – just silence. When Victor looked at the display to ensure that the call was not ended, he noticed that the X now had black background and words were displayed on it:

“Indeed. I heard someone attacked your house, that´s a shame…”

“So you are their boss, oh, you are in a lot of trouble now!” Said Victor as if he just won a lottery. Response came once again in message:

“There are some freaks that idolize me. I was not the one who sent them. If you haven´t noticed, the Pirate Radio you listened to while taking…” the message was being deleted suddenly – as if the “X” knew it reached the end of Victor´s screen, and then continued: “care of their van is marked with X, the same you saw everywhere else.”

“Well fine, but why calling me?”

“I saw you are quite the skill on the street. I am working on a few things; it will be profitable if you join. I will contact you.”

The call was ended and as Victor wanted to phone Lester, he noticed that a new contact marked with the iconic “X” was added to his name by the name of “ToX”.

“Hey, L! Could you help me with something?”

“Yea, what do you need?” Surprisingly calmly Lester answered.

“Someone who called himself “Tox” with a capital X contacted me… sort of. He…” Victor was long explaining what went down and Lester agreed to help him.

“But pick me up from this person´s apartment; I trust your driving skills are better than his.”

Victor took Lester to his factory, because after Victor´s speech Lester was afraid ToX might track him down to his house. Lester began observing Victor´s phone, but didn´t notice anything that would indicate a tracking or a spying device. He tried to find out from where was the call done, but couldn´t.

“Some hackers use old, out-of-service-type satellites to go in and out of network, those are very hard tracks to follow. Even if I picked up their signal, the moment they would see that they will disconnect. I´m afraid there´s not much I can do. But, you said this “ToX” offered you a job, right? So just wait and see what it will be, if it sounds too bad – back off from it! If it sounds too good… well don´t do it either. What I don´t understand is how he was keeping up with you so long. Is there any surveillance system, like cameras, radars or motion sensors near your house?”

“I honestly have no idea.”

Lester explained that those can be hacked very easily, if connected to a computer with local Wi-Fi access; this would explain how ToX was so well informed.

“Well, I´ll keep an eye out on some old networks and perhaps we can get something to work with. If he said he sees potential of you two working together, I doubt he would disturb our job, so let´s do it fast, but this time you need that guy!”

Victor agreed with all and afterwards they both noticed after a look from window that Paige has returned with the Kuruma fixed up. Soon after Victor´s phone began ringing and Lester immediately plugged it into his computer. Then he instructed Victor to act normally.

“Hello, who´s calling?”

“It´s Paige, you can tell Lester the car is ready.”

“Oh, it´s her! No hidden caller this time.” Said Lester and disconnected the phone from his computer.

“We saw you; we are both here at the factory.”

“Oh, really?” Paige sighed and hung up.

She came inside to make sure Victor was not joking, and as she was constantly asking what the two of them were doing there, Lester explained all and now Paige joined the search for ToX as well.

But it was time to move on with the heist, so Victor changed into his alternate clothing for the last time and Lester called the stranger to meet them at the factory.


End of FR1




Mission 6 – The Fleeca Job


He arrived and sat in driver´s seat, offering Victor 30% of the cut. Victor laughed at his face and said:
“We are either going evenly split, or we ain´t going!”
The driver realized he had little choice, so he agreed, the two of them took an earpiece from Lester and set off. Lester sent the hacking program to Victor and was briefing them on the mission, but Victor wasn´t paying much attention; instead he focused on the hack itself, which he did flawlessly. When his eyes were no longer glued to the screen, he noticed they are already on the highway. Lester once again repeated that their target box is number 167. When they arrived, Victor opened the vault door using Lester´s application; the driver put on his mask of smoking monkey and after Lester´s instruction shot down cameras inside the bank. In the meantime, Victor ran back and quickly noticed the box he was after. Taking a drill from his back and placing it in location of the lock, he began drilling. Lester warned him not to hurry too much, because the drill could broke and the heist would be over. That did not happen and as soon as Victor broke the lock, the alarm went off and the driver ran back to Kuruma. However, before reaching it, someone ran him over and smashed half of the bank with a prison bus nearly killing Victor as well. Out of the vehicle crawled a man awfully familiar – it was the freak that Victor met when he was at Los Santos Customs.
“Hachachahaaaa!” shouted the freak and took the driver´s shotgun, now aiming at Victor, as he was the only one left alive.
“Halt! Hahaaa, halt! Halt! HAAAAAAALT!” the freak went crazy.
“Come man, we will get out of here and return to our normal lives.” Victor tried to calm down the freak and surprisingly it worked, the freak ran to Kuruma´s passenger seat and Victor took the dead driver´s earpiece to prevent the police from finding them.
“Go, go, go! You didn´t come this far to end in the back of a squad car!” Shouted Lester through the earpiece and Victor took action.
He ran to driver´s seat and drove off towards Zancudo Bridge, as the way back was blocked by a police roadblock.
“I´ve got a getaway guy waiting for you at Zancudo bridge, his name is Eddie Toh, he has a plan for the cops if you could just get there!”
After evading three roadblocks all from the left side, Victor found a Cargobob carrying a magnet. He drove under it, Eddie pulled them up and they all flew away.
“L, there was a small change in the process. You will see once we arrive.” That was the last line spoken through the earpiece, after this Victor destroyed both of them and eventually they came to the factory, leaving the Kuruma behind.
Lester went out to greet them:
“What is this? Where is our driver?” Lester spoke in confusion.
“This person killed him when he smashed a prison bus into the bank and murdered everyone inside.”
“What!? And you brought him here? Ah! Show me the box.”
Victor gave Lester the box marked as 167, but it did nothing to ease Lester´s anger.
“Why did you bring an amateur on this!?”
“I did not, I have no idea what he was doing here, but careful what you say – he is a freak incarnate. It would seem he escaped from psychiatry. One bad word and he is on rampage.”
Lester gave $20.000 to the freak and after he stole a police car passing by and driving off, he gave Victor $273.670.
“That was horrible even for a first time!” Lester expressed his feelings about the job.
“Well, it´s not my fault some freak crashed the entire operation!”
“Luckily not the entire job… Well, I guess you did well, but this is going to make it a lot harder to keep off of police records. I´ll do my best for you, and in the meantime, if someone comes to me, I´ll mention you as a reliable worker. Jesus, let´s hope this will not happen again.”

Mission 6 Passed!




Mission 7: A freak´s day




Victor made his way home walking, but along the way found the freak aimlessly wandering across the bridge next to the factory, so he approached him.

“Hi, what are you doing?” Victor began the conversation

“Oh, you know, nothing… You?”

Victor, surprised that the freak acted normally, he continued the conversation in curiosity:

“Wow, you are normal, that´s new.”

“I have split personality… sorry for killing your friend, by the way…”

“He was no friend of mine. Who are you?”

“Well, Matto Ben Trovati.”

“Is that Italian?” Victor wondered, but neither of them knew, so Victor called his father to have a Baller delivered and delivered it was.

Victor took Matto to a restaurant and bought him meal for a thousand dollars in total – needless to say it was quite overpriced place. They were talking for very long and gave each other a phone number. However, after about an hour a police officer came and demanded Matto to follow him into a police car; Victor was not surprised at all, after all Matto “visited” him twice with a prison bus. Victor went out and just as he was getting into the Baller, the same policeman stopped him for questioning. The officer explained that the convict is a dangerous criminal wanted for robbery of Fleeca Bank and Victor played the officer by saying he saw Matto wandering nearby and took pity, so he took him to a restaurant. Then he pretended to be very busy, so the officer gave him his business card in case Victor would remember some more details. After this Victor felt like being with Martin, and so he went home and invited him to golf.

In the meantime in Rockford Hills police station Matto was delivered by the officer and put behind bars – again.

“What is wrong with you? Why do you keep escaping and putting strangers in danger?” The officer asked Matto.

“Hehe-hihiii! Eduard Johnson, like a brick, hit him with a hammer and he falls right on his…”

“Enough!” Eduard interrupted him, so that Matto wouldn´t have to be censored.

“How is it you are normal with that stranger but psycho with the police?”

“Eduard Johnson, like a brick…” Matto was repeating non-stop, until Eduard lost patience and walked away.

Thinking to himself, he found no better way to know how is Matto normal with a stranger, Eduard called Victor and told him to come when he has time. After two hours of waiting he did arrive. Eduard explained how the inmate is behaving and for the first time he discovered his name after Victor told him. The two went downstairs to the jail and Matto, upon sighting Victor, went back to normal. He greeted Victor and wasn´t paying any attention to Eduard. They were talking for a short while, but then Matto spotted Eduard and again went crazy.

“I´d like you to visit him from time to time and maybe get some more information from him.” Said Eduard after they left Matto behind.

Victor agreed and after that Victor was called off for duty, so Victor went away.


Mission passed!



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This seems to be an idea for a future GTA installment, so it belongs to GTA Concepts' Section.

Good luck with that! :)

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This seems to be an idea for a future GTA installment, so it belongs to GTA Concepts' Section.

Good luck with that! :)

I think I agree with you. Moved to concepts :) It'll probably get a bit more attention there.

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Hello, new part is out;

As school takes nearly all of my time, I´m afraid this story will be updated very irregulary... Appologies, but nothing can be done.

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Hello, I began working hard on publishing my first book trilogy which is why there wasn't anything new and why there most likely won't be anything new until Summer 2016, my appologies.

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Missions 4, 5, and Free roam are now avaible.


Mission 6 available and that is a wrap up for the Fleeca Heist.

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You could just put them in the thread via spoiler tags, there's no way I'm downloading anything off some sleazy website.


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Yes, but on all forums so far there is a thread lenght limitation that would very soon be exceeded.

Besides, that is the safest download page I know - I have a long years experience with it and never caught a virus from it.

But of course I understand you, I myself would not trust a random guy giving out download links x)

But unfortunatelly that is the best I can deliver.

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There's no thread length limitation, and as far as I know there's no post length limitation either. Try posting them here and see what happens - if that really doesn't work, use pastebin...downloading a microsoft word file from some sketchy foreign file hosting site just for a concept isn't the way to go about it :p

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Alright, I´ll get to it as soon as I can, I´ll keep the links up just in case, but put the rest and previous missions as spoilers.

With which comes one question - How do I put them into spoiler format? As fas as I looked through tools I didn´t see it here x)

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You can either click the "special bbcode icon" (third one, next to font) and select "spoiler" for the bbcode, or you can put the text between spoiler tags like so:




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Okay, thank you, I doubt I'll get back to PC before weekend, so once I do, I'll change it into spoilers.

Many thanks for helping me out :)

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