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GTA5 PC performance issues.


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1: The grass setting is bugged. Going near an area there's foliage will result in a complete decrease in FPS unless you off and on a setting or Alt-Tab out then back in.
2: Some areas have a weird rendering bug at night. For example going in to Blaine County where Los Santos County ends specifically in Vine Wood Hills close to where Franklin lives will result in a big FPS drop for a little bit only at night time though.
3: The game micro stutters when doing simple tasks like getting in to combat with as little as one person or better yet jumping or taking cover and certain times like the in game morning.
4: The game suffers from terrible FPS drops on random occasions but to fix it is to off and on a graphic setting or Alt-Tab out then go back in the game. Only problem is it won't fix the micro stutter.
5: This problem might affect only people with lower end GPU's, but the game will automatically cap it's self at 30 FPS when their FPS could be higher. The only fix around this is to off and on a setting or do the Alt-Tab trick.

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