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PS3 crashing


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i was playing gta online when it suddenly crashed, i tried to switch it off it wouldnt turn off or do anything. i even held my finger on the button and nothing, not even a beeping sound. i had to pull the plug to switch it off.


then when i switched it back on the green light wouldnt show, only the orange light. nothing is shown on the screen. again i held the button down and nothing. so had to switch off at the mains again.


upon researching this time i held my finger down on the on button, where i heard it beep twice, and it starts after some kind of starting prompt about hdmi connection. then it says it didnt close down properly and had to go some kind of check and then it restarted and downloaded something.


now the ps3 seems to be really, really slow. i tried to load up gta5 again but after the playstation goes to black gta5 doesnt come on and had to restart. wtf is going on and why is this happening? i didnt do anything to it before, its been in the same spot always connected to my tv.


now when switching on, all i see if the 'ps3' bit at the beginning and no menu! (edit: something finally happens but the whole damn thing is slow).


my savedgames are on this console. i am worried about doing anything now because it will just cause the stupid thing to freeze. tried signing up to playstation plus to save my games online but it crashed. what can i do to make it work normally again?

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and when i do finally load gta5, its taking forever to 'load story mode', theres no button for online, and it tends to stick/freeze when transitioning between pictures whilst waiting

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nothing wrong with air ventilation

i googled and did a database rebuild that solved it though it did still crash only once since then

i need to backup my saves on a usb

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Failing hard drive maybe. Certainly seems like it.

Definitely back up your stuff to a USB. Take out the drive and then plug it into a computer (can just connect it to your motherboard via SATA) and check its S.M.A.R.T. status. I'm not sure if you have to format it first or not though.


It should tell you the health of the drive and other stuff. Personally I use HWinfo to check that sorta thing.


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