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Caffeine appreciation thread

Dirty Burger

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Finn 7 five 11

I don't mind an occasional Iced Coffee, only because I can network through coffee places actually pretty well, met quite a lot of people this way.

However Caffeine stinks in general, you drink it when you wake up and it just suppresses your bodies natural wake up methods and replaces it with caffeine, so really once you're hooked, it does pretty much sh*t all except make you feel even worse until you have caffeine.
You get headaches if you don't have your fix.
You feel tired if you don't have your fix.

For me it was a depression trigger, if I became hooked on caffeine, I had anxiety attacks until I quit.
Your fix really doesn't do anything much once you're addicted.
It's expensive. You buy two coffees a day and it's gonna cost you like $50-$70 AUD a week.
And god I hate those people that hail coffee as the greatest thing ever "I live for coffee!" f*ck off, you live for other sh*t, and you know it.

That said, I did enjoy being a barista for a few years when I was younger when a friend and I ran a shop, we'd both wingman each other on the machine, or cockblock each other, we'd both go out drinking, crash out and come to work at 8am completely f*cked the next morning and have the most hilarious seedy days, So that was a plus.

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Ice coffee? Never drunk it but if it will give me the same effect as coffee that got cold, please no haha

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