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Sth Los Santos Crips Recruiting...


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Sth Los Santos Crips recruiting now. [PS4]

We're a small crew at the moment, looking to recruit loyal members to help us grow. We don't kill our own and we help each other play in Freemode, (my favourite part) and in missions / heists.

We are a gangbanger style crew looking to form alliances and make enemies of other crews in the game World. I would like mature players who like to have fun and play well with others and make some online friends, not young wanna be gangsters. Even though we're a 'Crip' crew, it's only in game. The main focus is on having fun, preferably people that like to laugh.

To add realism there is only a little roleplay such as wearing the crew colours and using the gang sign and a small initiation which is pretty straight forward and gets you a small amount of money too.

If you'd like to join us, the social club is: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sth_los_santos_crips
And there is a crew forum page that you can join once you are a member. Your work killing enemies earns promotions :)

Thanks for reading :)


We've had quite a few people asking to join. I don't know if it's from advertising on here or not but get in while we're still young. Have a say, help develop the crew. A-holes need not apply ;)

Don't double post and only bump your topic once a week. Read The Guidelines.

Edited by ~Tiger~
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  • 2 weeks later...

Our crew is growing so it's time to get involved. It doesn't matter where you're from or what level you are, become a South Los Santos Crip.

We've recently formed some good alliances and also have an off shoot crew for younger members, (Lil Los Santos Crips), so there is a place for everyone.

There is a certain amount of role play in our crew. Not too much, just enough to keep it fun. A mic is prefered.

The only requirements are, represent. Wear our colours. Either Blue or blue and purple.

Set SLSC as your active crew. This is important.

Never kill our own or our allies

And always back each other up.

Best way to join is to send a request via social club. Otherwise I'll check back here every so often and add you.


Stompin' on bustas


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