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Gta criminal mastermind (PS3)


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Looking for GOOD players to complete criminal mastermind challenge.




-Atleast rank 100


-MUST HAVE "Utility vest" from gta clothing store


-MUST HAVE fully stocked body armor and snacks


-MUST have completed all 5 heist previously


No mic needed as long as your able to stay alive at all cost


Kik vamp_god if interested

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I could help you, but there's 2 things that bother me.

1) You're from US, which means we'll not be able to play for too long together, about 3-4 hours (due to the timezone difference).

2) You don't seem to put pressure on communication, which in my opinion is probably the most important thing. You need coordination in order to have a successful team. Your members must be updated with the latest information related to the procedure of the heists, also, there must be feedback from all the parties. Judging on this, you're probably a teenager. Don't get it wrong, I'm a teenager myself, but I'd rather play with adults, as they're not "rebels" and they're pretty stable. They don't just hop in their vehicles and rush in every heist. I rely they're more mature, no infant jokes nor "I've my own way to do stuff, just trust me, I won't die".

The first thing will not be a changeable notice, however, the second part might influence you to change the perspective over this. If you're willing me in your team, or whatever crowd you have, we'll need to communicate over Skype. Tell me if you're positive about this, I'll post details once I see your reply.

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I will only be available to play if you are ready to communicate properly with mics.

Contact me on PSN at TheGamer9991,

but only if you agree to change your opinion on communication.


I have all the necessary qualifications

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Totaly agree....you need to be able to communicate if your doing this in my opinion its crucial n its a shame as ive completed it but wouldnt join you or other members without mic

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