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Which games are you really good at?

Richard Power Colt

Recommended Posts

CounterStrike Global Offensive.


I wouldn't say "realy" good at but with my Rank beeing DMG I am good enough I'd say...


Other than that, GTA Online and Age Of Empires 2.

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I was pretty good at Spider-Man 2 back on the PS2. Got all those skyscraper tokens and was pretty good at continuous swinging throughout the city.

Speaking of which, they really need to make a good Spider-Man game again. One without sky slinging...

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Grand Theft Auto. (Full)

Battlefield 3. (Also in my opinion I am quite skilled in other FPS series.)

Metro series.

Superpower 2.

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Sonic 1, 2 & 3 - I've played them so often over the past twenty something years I still remember the fastest route through every stage.


GTAIV - First game I completed to 100%, then had to do it again twice on PS3, once as a favour for a friend and once for myself after my 360 died.


Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Same reason as Sonic, played them all to death repeatedly over the years.


Gran Turismo 3 - Competed in over 2200 races, I think my win percentage was somewhere around 90% - 95%.


Aside from those, I'm average at best and outright awful a lot of the time. I have no idea how I've made it through some games.

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I was world #5 on Trueskill rankings for Bankshot Billiards 2. The 4 accounts above me weren't playing, and I couldn't get above them unless I played them, because of the way Trueskill works. I was effectively the best current player on XBL, and if you made a mistake I'd finish you off:



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Mario Kart

Kingdom Hearts


Silent Hill

Aggressive Inline (killer soundtrack)

Need For Speed - PS2 era

Resident Evil 4

Dragon Quest

Sonic Adventure

Halo 2

Ratchet and Clank series

Tekken tag team

Raw vs Smackdown

Def Jam Vendetta


all that comes to mind rn

Edited by missanthropy
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1. Hitman 2, Contracts, BM - All zeros, Suit only gameplay!

2. Far Cry 1 and 2 gaming at highest difficulty setting

3. GTA San Andreas - Best times in majority of the races in comparison to many veteran players who have their best records listed over the years on the forum.

4. For the rest, I know how to survive the games at highest difficulty as I love playing more challenging scenarios and pass through tough objectives successfully. Many games can be listed from RPGs like Gothic 2, Strategy and tactical games like S.W.A.T 3, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Shooters like MAX Payne 1, etc. etc. You get the idea!

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Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Half Life, Counter Strike, Call of Duty (Before MW3) and DotA.

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catch me in BOOM BEACH cuh, my beach is better than your beach

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Used to be exceptionally good at CoD 4 & MW2, but ever since MW3 I've lost all interest and "skill" in Call of Duty as a whole. I'm really good at GTA III if

is anything to go by,L4D2 would probably be the game i'm the best at bar none.
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Assassin's Creed series have always been a piece of cake for me, as well as inFamous. I used to be really good at GTA IV, but I haven't played it for ages so maybe my skill has decreased since then.

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I used to be good at classic Sonic games. I usually ended up with more than 50 lives by the final boss. I hated to rush thru the stages, so I took my time exploring them.


Also, I used to be good at Metal Slug games (at least the first 6 of them) I used to die once or twice max when beating them (except in MS3 that it took me a whole credit).


And finally I was decent at SAMP (GTASA mp) in deathmatch to be precise. I was in a very well known clan back then and we seriously kicked ass. Those were one of my best memories in gaming I had, the people I met there were amazing.

Edited by gunziness
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-Mario Kart : I am great at finding ways to go over non-accessible areas in order to shorten my time trials.

Super Mario Kart ;) I was one of those freaks that drove around the whole track side ways cutting things stupidly tight in order to get killer times...


Oh and wipeout, I honestly was on mental autopilot (/muscle memory) so often.


These days I tend to drive like Im drunk in GTA. In my defense, sometimes I am.

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Since I mostly play open world games (GTA,Bully,Mafia...),I´m good at those,and when I get some practice I can get decent in some other types of games (first and third person shooters,racing games,platformers...).

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