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Which games are you really good at?

Richard Power Colt

Recommended Posts

Richard Power Colt

Back in the day I played way too much Red Dead Redemption multiplayer and I easily dominated 90% of players that I encountered. I remember how in a standoff I shot my noob friend's head off before he even pulled his gun out.

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Saints Row........ I haven't died on any since IV first got released(Excluding the time you NEED to die on Gat out of Hell for that achievement with the lava. But not counting that)



Gears of War. I was an addict for 3's MP...... before a patch f*cked me and deleted EVERYTHING I had. Almost every freaking medal gone..... Didn't play it again until the recent Xbox One version.



Left 4 Dead


Far Cry 3 (Don't own 4 yet but I'm very skilled at 3 now)


GTA Online. Practiced and practiced jet flying until I got good enough to kill jet griefers And do the occasional dive bomb attack :evilgrin:


Red Dead Redemption. Anything but that god awful Finger game please and thank you. I broke a controller over that once........

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Mario Kart and pretty much nothing else.




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I played way too much Red Dead Redemption multiplayer and I easily dominated 90% of players that I encountered.


Same. Also, Gta 5, Gta 4 and Sleeping Dogs. These are the ones I'm really good at.

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Algonquin Assassin

I'm pretty good at Forza 4 and 5. My win-race ratio is about 90% I think and I've done over 200 races in each.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 2.1 Review - That Shelf

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I'm really good at racing games. Especially games in the Forza series and Midnight Club 3 & LA.

Edited by thedriver111
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Richard Power Colt

I beat the entire Okami campaign without dying on my first go, but I blame that on the game just being easy lol.


People also say Jak 2 is a very hard game, but I never saw it that way. I beat hero mode(new game plus) without breaking much of a sweat. The only stuff that got me frustrated was getting a gold medal on all the minigames in order to collect all the precursor eggs.


I bought Gotham City impostors on the PS3 a long time ago and played it for some time. I always ended up in the top 3 in a match somehow. I think there was a lack of pro players, because not a lot of people actually played the game lol.

Edited by GTAandStuff
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Hit by Lightning

I'm actually quite good at Gin Rummy online!





- Sniper Elite (all of them)


-Watch Dogs

- Sleeping Dogs (I spent long time perfecting each kick and movement)

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I pretty much wreak havoc in Magic the Gathering to the point that I even got a theme song



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In GTA IV, on public lobbies I was really good, going around killing whole lobbies inside a Premier and throwing sticky bombs without people even noticing and blowing them up was pretty nice.


Also on Forza 3-4 I was pretty good in the virus game, I was always the first thanks to my Clio RS, or sometimes with the Smart ForTwo, with a special modifications that made it rollover when turning too hard making almost impossible for others to catch it :D


I don't think there's a way to be good at Euro Truck SImulator 2, but I just need one more achievement.

Edited by scania970
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GTA O, but thats a spoonfed, easy-mode game

Solitaire (Draw 1 version). Im trying to get better at the Draw 3 mode

Forza Horizon series

Battlefield (on and off sometimes)

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I'm usually very good at PvP combat in GTA Online, however racing is a whole other thing.


I also used to be beast in Black Ops 2, but that's past now I'm afraid. However, I did well in the end in the BO3 MP Beta, so I believe I will succeed when the final game arrives.

JohnXina - Discord Emojispacer.pngJohnXina - Discord Emoji

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I have Battlefield 3 since its release, and still addicted to it, not as much now though. But whenever I have spare time, I stick my BF3 disc into the console and play it all day infuriating people with a jet.

Edited by zombrex2311
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I got really good at Call of Duty 4 for a while when I was playing it daily, probably couldn't do this anymore but I usually got 20-25+ kills with 5 or less deaths on TDM.


DOTA 2 I'm pretty good at now, not professional tournament level but I can do pretty well against the regular player.


I'm surprisingly good at combat in GTA Online despite not playing often, I usually do well in team deathmatches as well as regular shootouts in free-roam.

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I am a niche player, I become the best in things nobody really likes doing or do consistently.


In CS:CZ, de_dust2, I can snipe mid with a scout from CT side to T side and never lose a duel with one awper. When it's two it becomes tougher but even if two T awpers are sniping mid I can usually take both of them down. I got reported several times for being good at this, but I literally sucked at everything else.


In Soldat, I've had a positive KD while using only chainsaw for several years on different servers and in different patches (I also had most chainsaw kills, but that's a logical conclusion to the former).




However there it's all relative, I am literally the best Millenium Racer. Come at me.




I'm currently in progress of setting the WR for the complete game on the highest difficulty. Main problem is avoiding the terrible NPC's without adjusting the route to a point where you're slower than normal.

Edited by Fireman
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A few guesses, hard to judge though.


F Zero X


Perfect Dark

Skate 3

Driver San Francisco

GTA San Andreas

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-Red Dead Redemption

-Call of duty WaW

-Battlefield (Not so much anymore lol :lol:)

-Gears of War

-Counter Strike series


-Midnight Club


That's pretty much i guess.

Edited by GTA_The_Series
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GTA: Online PVE, I hate PVP in GTA.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Minecraft I guess, I build pretty good.

Pretty good at Payday 2, I did a few Deathwish jobs and mastered every job on Overkill.

Deadrising series.

IDK what else.

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Member's Only


Can you beat my high score in Slave Tetris?

I'm sarcastic, this game is horrendous!




Edited by GradeA-Hole
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I got an MVP medal playing BF4 hardcore so I guess I'm not bad. No vehicle whoring I am an infantryman but wont pick up the ribbon unless I'm using my DMR. Am most certainly average at CQC

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-GTAO : People here are not combat weary.


-Mario Kart : I am great at finding ways to go over non-accessible areas in order to shorten my time trials.


-Ghost Recon Phantoms : I'm a great Recon,players envy my skills.


-Agar.io : Such a simple game.


-TF2 : Pyro and Engineers FTW!


-Uncharted 3 and 2 : Come at me bro,like right now.





^ My UC3 MLG skillz

Edited by VikDarkbomb
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Mount and Blade Warband (Napoleonic Wars DLC)

Assassin's Creed Unity

Edit: Forgot about Sniper Elite V2

Edited by FunkyRJ
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Motorstorm Apocalypse was the only game where I became "that guy".

I would always come in 1st in online races.

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I've been fairly good at racing games like Forza Horizon 2, Gran Turismo 5/6, Need for Speed Most Wanted, etc., and I'm pretty good at air combat games like Ace Combat 5 and War Thunder. (Ah, so many times where I've gotten MVP in War Thunder matches...)


I've gotten pretty good at FPS games as well recently, most notably CoD, Battlefield, and Counter Strike. I'd include Payday 2, but I've always been pretty good at that game. :P


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The only MP game I play nowadays is Mortal Kombat X. Online I'm sitting at 1000+ wins and about 600 losses. Besides that I just play SP games on my PS3 or PC.

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GTA IV racing? But that's pretty much because every random that actually ends up playing the game actually can't play for sh*t, kinda like singleplayer AI.

Edited by B Dawg
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I'm quite good at Maximum Tune series. Well, not really, but for relaxed driving style (as opposed of usual trying-too-hard driving style, as you can see on Youtube), I'm already good to play it IMO.

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