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HELP ! Modification sound bike to Akrapovic, game crash


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Hey everyone, I appeal to you because I have a big problem! :panic:

For more than 4 hours I work on a mod that lets you change the sound of the PCJ 600 to go with KTM this mode: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ktm-duke-690-street-edition

So I recorded the sound of my pot exhaust which is an Akrapovic as the mode and I also served me sounds downloaded from youtube to add them to the game.

I have converted the sounds in .wav, Sample Rate to 48 000 Hz, 16 bit and put the sound in mono, all you need to add them to the game.

So I edited the file "600cc_racebike.awc" with OpenIV well by replacing all sounds by mine (I said they have exactly the same volume and length as the original), and then by going to the game, where I start the PCJ 600 all goes well, the starter and the low speed work perfectly with the sound of the Akrapovic, but the problem comes when I press the button to move forward, the game instantly crash even without the bike moved with the simple message error

I want to know where I screwed up because I do not see at all, since the sounds are the same and .awc file is exactly the same size as the original, and more if the startup and low speed work, why not the accelerator?

If anyone could help me that would be great because I have spent time and adapted to convert all the sounds and I did not want to be doing all this for nothing ...

With that, good evening to you :lol:

(this is not the first time I touch the audio of the game I managed to change the tones of the characters a few days there's no problem using the same method: https: //www.gta5-mods .com / misc / news-ringtones-iphone-and-electro-rock )

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although i cant help you i do have a question... when you solve this will you be uploading to gta 5 mods.com? i really hope so

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although i cant help you i do have a question... when you solve this will you be uploading to gta 5 mods.com? i really hope so

Of course I'll post it on GTA5-mods with a nice video presentation because I really worked on it for sound quality, it bothers me a lot that does not work :/

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I'd say, restore the original files and make sure you named everything properly.

Yes I have replace my file by the original, but I want use my sound file :p

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