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BMS MASHUPS: xbox 360 car meet official thread


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Hello guys, welcome to the newly named cruises. As iv hosted a few fairly successful and decent cruises (I hope all Agree) I have decided to start an official thread, I will be making a crew possibly tomorrow which I will inform you all.


First off, my meets I host obviously have rules like any other. Those rules are as follows:


1. No killing other players, if they have a bounty or need a bounty set to get some money for mechanic payment, inform the host (me) first


2. No Cops, there annoying, don't have any respect for the scene there for there not invited


3. No destroying others rides. I understand the occasional tap, trade of paint or mishap happens, sometimes due to crazy Ai drivers too with there crazy antics. But unless changing cars or given permission, then go to destroy them away from the group, same goes with Stancing.


4. When cruising, listen to the host, follow behind and abide by road rules, unless racing of course and keep a reasonable distance too to avoid rule 3.


Any disobediance to these rules will land you with a strike. There is only 3 strikes available with no redemption. If you get three your out, if you dont get kicked you will be cleared of the strikes however if you persistently receive warning I'll issue an ultimate warning.


To apply just message GT: bms842 for an inv.


I usually do my meets around 10pm GMT Timezone which I believe to be 4/5 pm EST

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If you want, you could put me on an "auto invite" list so to say, basically meaning i dont always have time or access to the forums but if im on Live, i will always join a meet. Ive actually been to a few of yours.

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