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Woman driving her car off a cliff


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Woman drives her car off a cliff. ~ Los Santos Times


Can't say where. But has anyone seen a woman deliberately drive her car off a very tall cliff? Thelma without the Louise... Not errant traffic, very much part of the game's plot. Let me know where, or did i just discover something 55 million players before me didn't?

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there is a thelma and louise easter egg where 2 people drive a car off a cliff in a old fashioned cars while being followed by police. so unfortunately no.

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wow cool, so bad description on my part then because this isnt that. one person in the car. female. older car. no police or any car near her, absolutely not traffic or an accident but deliberately part of the gta v plot when you take into scope the location. good answer though, thanks.


someone has surely seen this, it is shockingly hilarious. and after a minute of head scratching you put it together and think oh yea that totally makes sense.


sinlge person, female, driving her car deliberately off a tall cliff, no other cars around. has anyone seen this?

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lol yup just found that... that was it. thanks. i presumed it was an escapee from the altruists camp but found the road doesnt lead from there.

Edited by Gourangamania
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that's a cool scripted one but MY GAWD, the number of times I have seen NPC drivers drive off cliffs is uncountable. Hundreds maybe?


There's an interesting bug in Docks To Stock where as or after the Cargobob goes below the overpass (while picking up the container) cars and trucks begin u-turning off the overpass into mid-air. Good for a chuckle. :)

Edited by Teletesselator
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