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Do you think LCS had a bad plot?


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On 3/4/2023 at 12:08 AM, E Revere said:


LCS is definitely different from the other games. The main character is actually Salvatore, not the protagonist. I liked it. I like Salvatore as a character. Some people might not and that's fine.

TBOGT was like this in this regard too. Luis/Toni fill in our shoes because the real star of the show, Salvatore/Tony, don't really make for great protagonists from a gameplay perspective. The problem here being that during the other 50% of the story the protagonists wonder around aimlessly, having little to no chemistry with the other characters.


The late Frank Vincent does however kill it in LCS. Considering every other character from III was recast, I'm glad Rockstar didn't back down in bringing him back. 

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No, but it had a few downs. The gameplay’d easily make up for it even if I didn’t enjoy the story.

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