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I managed to wipe out all cops in vicecity


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So usually it is impossible to ,,rot out'' all cops since they respawn every few seconds behind every corner. But this time, i really did it!

I rampaged like for 40 minutes on a 6 stars wanted level with the M4 and suddenly, there wasn't any cops left who attacked me, the whole town was dead, only some pedestrians who took a walk, but no cops or choppers at all.

Did this ever happen to you as well? It might be a bug thou

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Yeah i think it might be a bug. This happened to me a lot with Ps2 and PC versions of VC. Once you kill a whole bunch of cops and managed to survive for some reason cops would stop respawning for like 3 minutes or more. Then it would turn into complete silence. Wierd...

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Wow, never really tried to make chaos for 40 minutes. I need to try it one time, but it's interesting. But what to expect if you kill cops all the time they must end at some point :).

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Wow, survived for 40 minutes on 6 stars with just an M4?

The closest I could get was 15-20 minutes in the Rhino Tank. God damn cops always opened the door and busted me.

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Cell Tennyson

I was at printworks escaping from those Haitians so i killed the whole group and i got 2 star wanted level, Cops came started shooting bullets at me, that annoyed me a lot since normal peds can attack and kill me while if i attack them cops will kill me, that got me real mad so i started killing them with all i got Miniguns, Molotovs, Mp5 and all. I kept killing them along with those choppers for 2 and half hours.Mainly i got injured from the choppers while the cops couldn't lay a bullet on me. Also Tanks tried to run over me but i escaped but unlike you Cops did spawn each and every time their dead bodies dissappeared.. I felt like a criminal that day :p

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Queen Elizabeth II



so i started killing them with all i got Miniguns, Molotovs, Mp5 and all.

That's what I do when I fail hard mission.

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This thing is just like impossible because spawning of the cops in Vice City doesnot works like that anyway. It is nearly impossible to do that. I am really suprised that if you really did that. I guess you might have used some scripts. :blink:

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It's most likely a bug. Back in the Ps2 versions of VC that happend to me once in a while. Hasen't happend to me in the mobile versions though. Im not sure how the spawning worked. It was crazy how cops would spawn every 3 seconds.

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Hmm, Ive never experienced that bud. I have all versions of the game. Best I've done is twenty. I guess I'm not patient enough to stay wanted. Nonetheless very good bug find.

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