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"Incompatible assets" Bypass?


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Im not sure this forums view on mods in online, but I was wondering if there was a bypass for the "Incompatible Assets" Error? I just want to use some simple mods that don't affect anyone else, such as gun sound replacements, loading screen music replacement, the previous gen minimap mods that I tried to use. But I just get chucked in a empty lobby, and get the error when joining a session. Does such a bypass exist? I want to play online with these mods, even if there is a chance of being banned, its only 2 weeks.


And don't reply "Don't use mods!!!11!! You will get bannededed!!11!!1" please...

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If such a bypass existed, don't you think people would exploit it?

In what way could it be exploited that mod menu scripts don't already?

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I haven't seen any way to bypass this yet, there might be one, but, as far as I know, if you want to use the current mods you have and play with friends at the same time, your friends have to have the same mods you do, so, in this case, you'll be categorized as "compatible asset".

Or, there's always the alternative to benefit from the mods (like mod-menus) while in incompatible sessions, and then, uninstall them, which will result you keeping your settled items while in a regular session.




Edited by RRStyle
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Only thing you can do is update the game to the latest version (1.0.393.4).

There is no way to bypass it.

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You'd need to spoof the response sent to R*'s authentication service so it thinks that you're using the latest stuff. Not worth your time.

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