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unfair bans and cheater


Go to solution Solved by kk9fan97,

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a modder gave me money now i am now in the cheater pool i called rockstar and got a ticket but it was denied even i did not want the money.

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Semaj 2JZ♢

...hmmm. I'm not sure where the "unfair ban" comes in, if you are simply delegated to cheater pool?...maybe just be happy you're still allowed to even play?


Either way, nothing can be done for you here. If anything, this should be in the B&M thread...

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Basically what the others said, apart from saying "Oh, that sucks" or "Too bad", this community can't do much for you about that. Sorry.

Edited by Jerome
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You didn't say if you spent the money or not...If you did then you already know why your in there.

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Git gud @ cheating

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Git gud @ cheating



there have to be something more than just receiving modded money...


i have received money, know people that have received money and none of us have been reset, banned or cheaters pooled!


heck just last week i joined a session that happens to have a modder raining bags of money.


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The Lone Wanderer

*gives no details*

*expects help from random non rockstar forum*


op, I hear if you blow up 1000 cars the bs time halves

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BoJack Cognac

It's like selling millions of dollars worth of illicit drugs on the streets and then depositing it into your local bank.

The IRS and the FBI and the CIA are going to be looking at you PRETTY suspiciously at that point.

Keep that sh¡t in your back pocket, bro.

Edited by BoJack Cognac
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  • Solution

it's probably safe to assume that you did not report it to Rockstar immediately after it happened and as a result the systems they have into place to catch stuff like that probably caught it and as a result you get to stay in cheater pool for however long.


all you can do at this point is either deal with the consequences - your stay in the cheater pool - of you could contact Rockstar via a support ticket and try to appeal it if you feel it was wrongly given to you. Even then Rockstar likely won't do anything about it and leave you in cheater pool until your punishment is up.

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