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You know what really grind my gears?...


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Just wanted to make a small list of what is wrong with GTA online players so you know what NOT to do:

-People who immediately quit a lobby without even waiting 10 seconds or looking at the mission

-Those who quit after 10 sec cause the lobby is empty when Its empty because NOONE f*ckING WAIT

-Jobs with that kind of name: "999999999 rp/$" if you see those and join, you're a desperate naive retard.. Sorry [not]

-Those who dislike a job because they lost or they're noob and aren't able to play properly

-Those who don't give the job a chance and quit as soon as it's a tiny bit too difficult...

-The ones who only use rocket. (I mean come on...)

-"Rocket vs Insurgent". Nuff' said

-Basically any job that is really unoriginal.

-Those who only play heist (I personally think Heist killed GTAO)

-Those who kill you for no reason (especially when you try to be friendly with them)

-The goddamn bastards who shot you in the back when y'all spawn after an activity


What I find funny: Those stupid ones who bomb your car after killing you.. Good job moron, you just paid 10 000 $ for no reason while i can call my car 10 sec after (and i don't even need to deplace myself)


Let me know what really grind your gears ! I hope I made some players think

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Yeah I know I did but thing like that still happen you know, and i'm saying that so people know what not to do.

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