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Official MOTW Discussion Thread


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4 hours ago, Toriality said:

Who will choose the next MOTW theme when it opens?

Our beloved @M316

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42 minutes ago, CrickleFrickle30 said:

When is next MOTW coming up?



After DYOM Contest 10 ends.

It'll probably start around 10 May

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7 hours ago, King_Von said:

when the motw starting, i wanna design sh*t

Very soon, probably within the next couple of days. Stay tuned

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2 minutes ago, SkyLow said:

Does this apply to participants (mission makers) too? or is it for voters only?

Hi, it applies only to voters. New members are welcome to participate.

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3 hours ago, SkyLow said:

also, does it HAVE to be uploaded only to dyom.nl?
or mediafire and drive are fine provided nothing fishy pops up

We only allow dyom.gtagames.nl, mainly for consistency's sake, but also for another reason: it allows us to pin the winning mission for a week, so that you'll be able to get more views and downloads.


However, whenever we run into site and server issues, as we have in the past, we allow usage of mediafire.

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12 hours ago, The John David said:

When will the MOTW reopen?

Once the website is fixed and people can upload again.

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