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For more informations about MOTW history, check DYOM wiki page.




What is MOTW?


Mission of the Week is a weekly competition in which you design and submit a mission based on the theme.
After the deadline of the mission, voting starts. You vote for your favourite mission, and post your vote in the thread comments (not necessary).
The winner gets to decide the next mission theme as well as the winning mission gets temporary pinned at dyom.gtagames.nl


At the end of the year, all MOTW winners are participating in the final contest, Mission of the Year (MOTY).



How to join?


-Before doing anything, read the rules below

-Go to the current MOTW thread (it's usually pinned or on the top of DYOM missions subforum)

-Check the mission theme

-Make a mission according to theme

-Upload it somewhere (preferred to be dyom.gtagames.nl)

-Post the link of your mission at the current MOTW's thread





-No stealing missions

-Mission must fit the theme

-Only one mission per person

-No Multi-Designer missions

-You mustn't vote for yourself

-Account must be at least 4 weeks old and has 20 posts made to be able to vote

-Multiple accounts for voting aren't allowed

-No previously published missions

-No mission should be part of a mission-pack/storyline

-Mission must not require Cheats or Mods

-If a mission is prone to many crashes, it will be disqualified

-You may not submit a trailer or video tutorial with your mission

-You should play all missions before voting

-Reviews/feedbacks are not allowed before voting stage starts

-When hosting your own MOTW, you must make the poll public

-You have 2 days to create a thread




If you have any question or problem to be solved, feel free to contact one of the MOTW representatives:








MOTW Winners



Contest Theme Winner Mission
MOTW #1 Freestyle Target13 No Age Limit
MOTW #2 Horror AnDReJ98 The Ghost From The Past
MOTW #3 Robbery Basketziga Big theft
MOTW #4 Gang Wars Target13 Skullz MC
MOTW #5 Race The Odyssey Airport Drift
MOTW #6 Puzzle    
MOTW #7 Comedy basket_boy123 Cool President
MOTW #8 Apocalyptic JCGames The End Of The World
MOTW #9 Warfare basket_boy123 Operation V.I.P
MOTW #10 Prisonbreak KingFZ Break Doors Of Ventures
MOTW #11 Parkour Blues2030 Parkour Contest
MOTW #12 Marathon GalacticXp1 Speed
MOTW #13 Assassination Target13 Silenced Bird
MOTW #14 Media/Entertainment GalacticXp1 The Ter
MOTW #15 Rescue XXGTAXIVXX Death Road
MOTW #16 Protest KD Himan We Want Justice
MOTW #17 Revenge Spider262 Revenge 2




MOTW V2 Winners

(reopened 2014)



Contest Theme Winner Mission
MOTW #1 Freestyle Martin_GDF Torn
MOTW #2 Slenderman Chips237 What Slenderman Does Behind Your Back
MOTW #3 Assassination ProDX34 Manhunt 2: Assassination
MOTW #4 Survival Huzaifa Khan A Lost Day Survival
MOTW #5 Revenge ProDX34 Accident
MOTW #6 Heist gammoudicj A Big Fish
MOTW #7 Gang Wars Huzaifa Khan Tonight's The Night
MOTW #8 Ambush xMatix Guns N' Flames
MOTW #9 Kidnapping Blues2030 Vantage Point
MOTW #10 Escape Plan gammoudicj Deathly Escape
MOTW #11 Rescue ProDX34 Daughter Feelings
MOTW #12 Race FRArom Angle Pine Quad Race
MOTW #13 Infiltration gheorgheM Infiltration
MOTW #14 Funny Pyschopath ProDX34 Expection and Reality
MOTW #15 Puzzle Tukang Kerupuk Get Lost
MOTW #16 Game Remake Revolver1 Made Man: A Quick Buck
MOTW #17 Police Vinesh Heist in LS
MOTW #18 Freestyle Heisenberg_GR Just Cause (San Andreas)
MOTW #19 Game Remake HardluckStyle The Definition Of Insanity
MOTW #20 Race Huzaifa Khan The Blacklist Wanted
MOTW #21 Escape Plan AnDReJ98 Quick Escape
MOTW #22 Horror GalacticXp1 Hell In The Woods
MOTW #23 Car Thief Yuneshin Fisher's Infiltration
MOTW #24 Cowboys Heisenberg_GR Saints of Deadwood
MOTW #25 70-80 Objectives Grand_Dyom Ballas Rat
MOTW #26 Comedy Husnain123 Comedy Night with Husnain
MOTW #27 Freestyle Yuneshin Asylum Escape
MOTW #28 Serial Killer DKI Bloody Hotel
MOTW #29 Heist Jhandave Robbing the Visage Casino
MOTW #30 Horror Mateus H The Base Of The Lake
MOTW #31 Insanity Secronom President A New Nightmare Begins
MOTW #32 Teleportation    
MOTW #33 Objects mister busta Gangsta Warrior
MOTW #34 Ambush Jhandave Hunting Party
MOTW #35 Assassination Husnain123 Totally Mayhem
MOTW #36 Apocalypse Huzaifa Khan Catastrophe 2016
MOTW #37 Gang Wars Bender Fresh from Cuba
MOTW #38 Casino Business Varro Sasuke Illegal Gold Dealer
MOTW #39 Love Story GHozT The Forgotten Ones
MOTW #40 Special Forces GalacticXp1 Save the President
MOTW #41 Bounty Hunter Huzaifa khan Desperados: Tale Of Gunslinger
MOTW #42 Investigation GYA_water7 The Mysterious Murder of a Cop
MOTW #43 Mafia Wars Fabeeeeeee The Rise Of The Hannibal
MOTW #44 Civil War Danz A Dish Served Boiling
MOTW #45 Puzzle Fabeeeeeee 192
MOTW #46 Police Chase Varro Sasuke Midnight's Burglary
MOTW #47 Racing Crew XdBrunoPt21 Race 2 Love
MOTW #48 San Andreas Stories Topaz17 Catalysts Of The Fallen
MOTW #49 Female Portagonist Fabeeeeeee Now You're Mine
MOTW #50 7 Objectives GalacticXp1 Going All Out
MOTW #51 Sniper Huzaifa khan Code Of Silence
MOTW #52 Agent XxGrovexX Agent 'Ram'
MOTW #53 20 Objectives Aftab Dam Defence
MOTW #54 Air Assault Jhandave A.C. Steel Axe Mission
MOTW #55 Protest Next Previous Land of Peace
MOTW #56 Mission Impossible Next Previous Mission Impossible: The Casino
MOTW #57 Race Next Previous MWR: Most Wanted Racer
MOTW #58 Revenge GalacticXp1 The Unforgiven
MOTW #59 Psychopath Aftab Talking Heads
MOTW #60 Freestyle Delaware Dawnlock
MOTW #61 Military Aflien Brothers in Arms
MOTW #62 No Guns Allowed GalacticXp1 Avenge Me
MOTW #63 Aliens Roxie Hunters
MOTW #64 Funny GalacticXp1 Terrible Assassin
MOTW #65 Helicopter Hunter Delaware Naval Hunter
MOTW #66 Hostage Rescue GalacticXp1 The Hostage Point
MOTW #67 Tank Outrage Next Previous The War Machine
MOTW #68 2 Playable Characters Aftab Cops in Action
MOTW #69 Cowboys Delaware Coyote Sunset
MOTW #70 Drug Cartel GalacticXp1 Drug Addict
MOTW #71 Self Sacrifice Aftab Now or Never
MOTW #72 Detective GalacticXp1 Gone Missing
MOTW #73 Robbery Delaware The Job
MOTW #74 Play as CJ Aftab For That Car
MOTW #75 Abduction CrisPK Black Horse
MOTW #76 Stealth CrisPK Operation "Blackout"
MOTW #77 Game Remake CrisPK Bloody Code
MOTW #78 Parkour GalacticXp1 The Tower of Terror
MOTW #79 Battle Cage Martin_Strada A Cage Match
MOTW #80 Revolution Aftab Freedom Forever
MOTW #81 Assassination GalacticXp1 Silent Assassin
MOTW #82 Home Invasion GalacticXp1 Mid-Night Burglary
MOTW #83 Special Forces Huzaifa khan Frontline Operation (Remastered)
MOTW #84 Pursuit GreenGoo Hot Pursuit
MOTW #85 Zombie Land Amethyst No Rest For The Wicked
MOTW #86 Love Story Agent-X Burning Heart
MOTW #87 Thriller GalacticXp1 To The Skies
MOTW #88 Forest Commando Nafil Zombie Generator
MOTW #89 Street Guys Agent-X Street Fight
MOTW #90 Cowboys Huzaifa khan Guns 'N Smoke
MOTW #91 Serial Killer Amethyst Dead By Nightfall
MOTW #92 Surveliance Cameras Danz Top Down Raid
MOTW #93 Parachuting/Skydriving THBP The Infinite Fall
MOTW #94 100 Objectives xghostx Climbing Mount Chiliad
MOTW #95 RPG GalacticXp1 Strike of Darkness
MOTW #96 Rags To Riches xghostx Open World Heists
MOTW #97 Stealth Yasir RFL Mission Delete
MOTW #98 Freestyle GalacticXp1 Furious Crooks
MOTW #99 Pirates MartZ Wet Politics
MOTW #100 Best Friend DroidX Bio Outbreak
MOTW #101 Freestyle Huzaifa khan Catastrophe
MOTW #102 Resistance Movement Killer_Queen_37 Blueberry Uprising
MOTW #103 Dystopia XxGrovexX Los Santos Asylum
MOTW #104 Aircraft Aftab Alam The Fighter
MOTW #105 Girls With Guns SpringField Abduction
MOTW #106 Car Bombing VenomDYOM Explosion
MOTW #107 The Past DennysCute99 Shadows Of The Devil
MOTW #108 100 Objectives Yasir RFL's The Kabila
MOTW #109 Clash of Themes DennysCute99 Codename Z
MOTW #110 The Brooklyn Bank Heist Yasir RFL Three Leaf Clover
MOTW #111 Despacito Rocco Morocco Cops Theme Song
MOTW #112 Movie GKHEAT Redline
MOTW #113 Architecture Giorgia Vinegar Outlast
MOTW #114 Aliens Green Goo Only Remainder
MOTW #115 Apocalyptic Horror Killer_Queen_37 Abandoned
MOTW #116 Alternate History omigawail The Green Sabre: Reloaded
MOTW #117 Beat All Odds VikingEVM Menace 2
MOTW #118 Parody Hype Predzz Dip In Black
MOTW #119 9-1-1 VenomDYOM Firefighter
MOTW #120 SWAT DennysCute99 Top Operation Silence
MOTW #121 Leatherface VikingEVM Back O' Beyond Massacre
MOTW #122 Overpowered Target13 Panthers: Bloody Sunday
MOTW #123 Heist TK420 How To Not Do A Heist
MOTW #124 Fantasy    
MOTW #125 Freestyle Target13 Agents of E.D.E.N: The Peace Circle
MOTW #126 No Guns Allowed VikingEVM Supply Run
MOTW #127 Secret Agents Obb Porff Infiltration and Sabotage
MOTW #128 Freestyle Terxinity Murder Influence
MOTW #129 Action RithRake24 Dirty Drug Deal
MOTW #130 Deception omigawail Breakout
MOTW #131 Alliance Omigawail Vendetta
MOTW #132 Upbeat RyanAB Party Them
MOTW #133 Horror GalacticXp1 Horror Of Flint Range
MOTW #134 Hydra VikingEVM Onward
MOTW #135 Industrial Setting GalacticXp1 Trouble at the Docks
MOTW #136 Frustration Roxie Hope
MOTW #137 Mystery    
MOTW #138 Freestyle Roxie A Way Out
MOTW #139 Western Roxie Grey Wolf
MOTW #140 Vigilante Lordstarship Lights In The Dark
MOTW #141 Wang Cars RithRake24 The Fall
MOTW #142 Military Base VikingEVM Quadruple Extermination II
MOTW #143 Over the top Action Martin Strada The Downtown Raid
MOTW #144 Invasion El Penguin Bob Battle Los Santos
MOTW #145 Stealth Galeb The UBoat
MOTW #146 Work/Job XzeuX The Hotel Fire
MOTW #147 Tank GalacticXp1 Battle Tank
MOTW #148 Freestyle XzeuX Kidnapped
MOTW #149 CJ Polski Oski Organisation War
MOTW #150 War VikingEVM MENACE 3
MOTW #151 Teenagers DroidX Cabin In The Woods
MOTW #152 Bodyguard Eddylr The Warehouse Ambush
MOTW #153 Claude XzeuX Wiping Out the Leones
MOTW #154 Game Remake Huzaifa Khan GTA Vice City: Intro
MOTW #155 Dual Antagonists DroidX Violent Road
MOTW #156 Cop Chase Mikul Kavinsky
MOTW #157 Ghostbusters Roxie The Slenderman
MOTW #158 Betrayal Gkheat One City 2 Godfathers
MOTW #159 Virus Polski Oski Resident Evil: Virus Leakage
MOTW #160 Hostage Dtron01 Navy Rescue Team
MOTW #161 Espionage Springfield Last Crusade
MOTW #162 90-100 Objectives GalacticXp1 Silent Outbreak
MOTW #163 King of the Hill GalacticXp1 Survive the Waves
MOTW #164 Grove Member boy of the cones Round-Up
MOTW #165 Old West Aymunz Drunken Fool Saves The Day
MOTW #166 Movie Scene Remake The John David Hunter Killer
MOTW #167 Freestyle Polski Oski Volkssturm Pt. 2
MOTW #168 Action Willard500 Party Pooping
MOTW #169 The Past lascha2nd Dead Timing
MOTW #170 Silent & Sneaky Heist ElectricFish Playing It By The Book
MOTW #171 Deal Zeko Causa Inopinatum
MOTW #172 Treasure Hunting Polski Oski The Cup of Life
MOTW #173 2 Playable Characters lascha2nd Hospital Raid
MOTW #174 Drive By lascha2nd Sector Sweep
MOTW #175 Assassination Polski Oski Final Showdown
MOTW #176 Sabotage VikingEVM Werewolf
MOTW #177 No Military M136 The Ultimate Opportunist
MOTW #178 Mafia The John David Offer You Can't Refuse
MOTW #179 Disguise zeko Perpetual Love-Caritate perpetua
MOTW #180 Race Mikul The Feeling of Speed
MOTW #181 Horror Mikul Hellish staircase
MOTW #182 Heist M316 H-31
MOTW #183 100 Objectives VikingEVM Quadruple Extermination 3k
MOTW #184 Italian Rathard Mario's and Luigi's Pete Zahria
MOTW #185 RoadTrip Str33t Riot
MOTW #186 Factions M316 Drift In The Air
MOTW #187 Countryside M.B. Kovas Hayhaven
MOTW #188 Police Martin_Strada VENOM
MOTW #189 Tank Martin_Strada Armored Support
MOTW #190 Escape Plan Galeb Scheduled Termination
MOTW #191 World War 2 Polski Oski War Rat
MOTW #192 Multiple Characters SeanAlgerian New World: Before the Storm
MOTW #193 Villian M316 Beyond the heart
MOTW #194 Illicit Businesses Strardust101 Forgerz In Da Hood
MOTW #195 Action    
MOTW #196 Freestyle The John David Time Crisis: Vanguard
MOTW #197 Stealth BobBobowski Forgotten Evidence
MOTW #198 Debt Toriality Payback
MOTW #199 Blackmail    
MOTW #200 Freestyle/Special Team 4 Codename: M316
MOTW #201 Mercenary zeko Blood sugar
MOTW #202 Sports Toriality Explosive Parkour
MOTW #203 Meta-DYOM ZeroRaxo Raxo's Comeback
MOTW #204 Government Agencies zeko Shadowplay
MOTW #205 Over the Top Keyes_DYOM Dark Side
MOTW #206 Apocalypse Yasir_RFL New World Order
MOTW #207 Four Different Bullets Stardust101 The Sicilian Wipeout
MOTW #208 Aircraft Yasir_RFL Not So Friendly Pets
MOTW #209 Vehicle Theft Polski Oski Pure Profession
MOTW #210 Sacrifice    
MOTW #211 Freestyle zeko Machinal Rift
MOTW #212 Arms Dealing M316 Ballad of Cal
MOTW #213 Nightclub    
MOTW #214 Freestyle Martin_Strada Chernov's Arms
MOTW #215 Protests cwmyhb1 2028
MOTW #216 Countryside Mystery MassM Pine's Killer
MOTW #217 Bounty Hunter mrfanboy The Uncertainty Principle
MOTW #218 Imprisoned ilikebanana Guilty and Victim
MOTW #219 Terrorism Stardust101 Das Töten
MOTW #220 Drug Dealing ilikebanana The Target
MOTW #221 Freestyle DuckingHeights Warped Night of Party
MOTW #222 Driving TMX92 Most Wasted V.2
MOTW #223 Heist DucKingheights Trail of Bodies
MOTW #224 Prison Break RedBaron Not leaving in a Bodybag
MOTW #225 Destruction RedBaron More Bombs In Da Base
MOTW #226 Archeology RedBaron TIA - Pompeii Intricacy
MOTW #227 Psychological Horror RedBaron Manhunt - Aftermath
MOTW #228 Best Cinematography RedBaron A Goon's Run
MOTW #229 Car Combat RedBaron Twisted Metal (P): EP0 - M4DN355
MOTW #230 Space MelonDoge30 Quantum Retrieval
MOTW #231 Love Story xKadiRx KadiR's Happy Day
MOTW #232 Undercover Mission Kailojado haddines The World is a Better Place
MOTW #233 Riot RedBaron Mr. Riot: I Will Survive
MOTW #234 Triads RedBaron The Ming Tsao's Vengeance
MOTW #235 Anti-Hero RedBaron The Bullet Stopper
MOTW #236 Duty Shift Tay K The Bank Teller Shift
MOTW #237 Betrayal Tay K Undercover Betrayal
MOTW #238 Vengeance RedBaron BIP: Eye For An Eye
MOTW #239 Political Corruption RedBaron Las Payasadas Corruptas
MOTW #240 Residential Setting RedBaron Paulie Sindacco Sends His Regards




MOTY Winners

 (Mission of the Year)



Year MOTW Winner Mission
2013 #1 Target13 No Age Limit
2014 #3 ProDX34 Manhunt 2: Assassination
2015 #24 Heisenberg_GR Saints Of Deadwood
2016 #51 Huzaifa khan Code Of Silence
2017 #91 Amethyst Dead By Nightfall
2018 #122 Target13 Panthers: Bloody Sunday
2019 #142 VikingEVM Quadruple Extermination II
2020 #152 EddyIr The Warehouse Ambush
2021 #186 M316 Drift In The Air
2022 #203 ZeroRaxo Raxo's Comeback



MOTD Winners

 (Mission of the Decade)



MOTD MOTY Winner Mission
2010s 2019 VikingEVM Quadruple Extermination II



Win Streaks




No. Member Win Streak
1 GalacticXp1 20
2 Redbaron 12
3 Huzaifa Khan 9








Task Achievement
Participate for the first time Beginner
Win your first MOTW Lucky Starter
Participate 5 times Scout
Win more than one MOTW Player
Win at least 3 MOTWs Competitor
Participate 10 times Celebrity
Win 5 or more MOTWs Serious Player
Win 3 or more MOTWs in a row Dominant
Participate 15+ times MOTW Star
Win 10 or more MOTWs Main Competitor
Win the most MOTWs King of MOTW




Special Achievements




Task Achievement
Win Mission of the Year Legend
Win Mission of the Year more than once Unforgettable








  • Mission of the Week is the most successful and longest running DYOM contest ever with over 10 years on the run (since 2013).
  • Mission of the Week is included into official GTAForums awards and is an official DYOM contest as well. More than 900 missions were submitted for Mission of the Week over the years.
  • More than 100 participants won at least one Mission of the Week over the years.
  • GalacticXp1 is the participant with the most Mission of the Weeks won, in total of 20 missions.
  • GalacticXp1 was voted the favorite participant of all time on the Mission of the Week's #100 Milestone poll.
  • ''Horror'' was voted the favorite theme on the Mission of the Week's #100 Milestone poll.
  • M316 was voted the favorite participant of all time on the Mission of the Week's #200 Milestone poll.
  • ''Illicit Businesses'' was voted the favorite theme on the Mission of the Week's #200 Milestone poll.






AnDReJ98 - Founder & Co-Leader

RithRake24 - Co-Leader (2019-present)

Target13 - Co-Leader (2014, 2018-2019)

Chips237 - Co-Leader (2013)

The Odyssey - Founder of the first MOTW Discussion Thread

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Edited by AnDReJ98
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You aren't real modders after all, so don't get all angry if someone tells you that you aren't creative! I STARTED with DYOM, and still use it most likely to get to interiors very easy, but I started using Sanny Builder to make script, you can do a lot more with it, anyone can use it, it's easy! The bad thing is that it takes a c*** load of time, but at least you can create more than simple missions!

BTW, DYOM has a lot of bugs! Random bugs!

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what the hell are you even saying? don't tell us how to live our lives, besides there are a lot of creative dyom missions which would take a year to make in script.

Edit:OnTopic, could anyone help me with a problem? i was making my Mission when the actor kept sitting in the wrong place.

Edited by RandomStunt
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It will start soon.


@EekhoornSWAG You reminded me when i thought the same thing. I remember trying to figure out some minor things in Sanny Builder which took me like 4 hours, ah and Dutchy's tutorial threads for making simple mission. But then i came to realize DYOM is not that bad. Actually, it's better than i though, plus two new versions were released since then. It went on another whole level, and that are the reasons why i came back in DYOM business, and i always keep coming back. You will come to realize that DYOM isn't just a toy for immature 12 years old kids. There's too much to see and acknowledge.


Hey guys, should we just continue from where we left? So the next MOTW will be MOTW #18? It would be pointless to always start over again with #1, #2 etc.. And of course it's gonna be freestyle (any theme) because we are always refreshing with free theme and anyone can show their designing skills at their best.

Edited by AnDReJ98
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You beat I'll come back, been a while and sure do have some time to make a Mission.

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You aren't real modders after all, so don't get all angry if someone tells you that you aren't creative! I STARTED with DYOM, and still use it most likely to get to interiors very easy, but I started using Sanny Builder to make script, you can do a lot more with it, anyone can use it, it's easy! The bad thing is that it takes a c*** load of time, but at least you can create more than simple missions!

BTW, DYOM has a lot of bugs! Random bugs!


Seriously? I think you still don't know everything about DYOM. I mean, how to avoid bugs, etc.


If you're gonna say something stupid, make sure you know everything.


Anyways, I'll be waiting for the new season!


Expecting this thread to be official. :)

Edited by LM3310
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So, we supposed to start making missions now?

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i started making a mission. by the time i'm done i'm sure there'll be a topic.

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does anyone have links to the old MOTW topics? i wanna replay every MOTW mission again for fun, but i searched the forum and the oldest MOTW topic i could find was MOTW V2 12: racing. all the other ones are deleted i guess.

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It's easy to find, example.


Here are few early ones:








Also, you have winner missions on the main topic, including mission of the year winners.

Edited by AnDReJ98
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  • 2 weeks later...

Can we upload our mission with soundtrack in dyom ?

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Go to the current thread (this week it's this one) and post the mission. Be sure to read the rules before making mission at the top of this topic. By the way, race is the theme of this week.

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PyThOn #TakeItEasy

What about if you start a new contest ? Name MOTM (Mission Of The Month) ?

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What about if you start a new contest ? Name MOTM (Mission Of The Month) ?

MOTW theme also introduced with MOTM concept.
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Hello! A98. I think you need to update the rules again man, by adding some more rules:

Here is some of them:


-No mission except which upload on other sites e.g: Media fire, Send Space etc...


-Account must be one month old to give vote to participant.


-Every participant should have Gta forums account to participate in the contest, unless no request will accept for adding missions.


What do you think ? About these stuffs...

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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1. Well, if user has problems with DYOM site, i don't think that would be fair considering DYOM website is very unstable because there are no admins and mods to take over.


2. Already there.


3. Not necessary. Anyone can submit somebody else's mission instead of the original creator in creator's name at submitting thread though it's creator's decision if he's going to make GTAF account to make new thread and choose theme, or somebody else will do it instead. For example, Husian made thread after he learned about MOTW. So it's good idea for getting more members interested.

Edited by AnDReJ98
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I have a question, it may be obvious, but tell me, can the OP itself post his mission in the contest he owns?

Also to move your misunderstanding, i am Dhiman, i tried my all familier passwords to log in but failed, even after choosing 'recover password', GTAF says that my older profile doesn't even exist, bruh.

so as you know my real profile/person, i cannot vote for my other account. (i'll probably use this one from now but anyways). so yeah thank you.

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Well, I just saw a gameplay walkthrough about Huzaifa's mission before the voting ends which is probably against the rule






-You may not submit a trailer or video tutorial with your mission

shall host do something about this or let it be since it said "may"?

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Huzaifa khan

Oh, sorry. I forgot about it. Btw I remove it. Thanks for notifyed :^:

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Added info on how to join for newcomers and/or people from DYOM website that have no enough experience posting on GTAForums.

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  • 2 weeks later...

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