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Create your own criminal organization

Recommended Posts


Name: The Division

Type: Terrorist cell

Allies: None

Enemies: Police,FIB,NOOSE,SAPR,SAHP,Sheriff,IAA,NYSP

Headquarters: Ft. Zancudo,LSIA,Humane Labs

Territories: Blaine county,LS County,Liberty city,Vice city

Activities: Hacking,Domestic Terrorism,Arson,Murder,Burglary,Bank Robbery,Car Theft,Gun Trafficking

Weapons: AK-47,M4,Rocket Launcher,Pistol,Combat MG,Micro SMG,Heavy Sniper,Molotov,Grenade,Sticky Bomb,BZ Gas,Minigun,Grenade Launcher,Knife

Vehicles: Gang Burrito,Granger,Armed Insurgent,Buffalo,Landstalker,Annihilator Attack Chopper

Favorite radio stations: All SA Radio Stations

Ethnicity: North Korean

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Given the satirical nature of the games, I would like more gangs who harken back to the anarchic 2D roots of the series.


For instance, rival religious factions could be very interesting. You could have a televangelist cult, which requires the player to make huge donations, give up all their property, and use the Church as their sole safe-house. And on the flip side, perhaps some kind of pagan coven or Satanist sect in a wooded area mostly involved with vandalism and trying to burn down buildings.


I like how the Epsilon cult in V required so many hoops to jump through, and I think that a lot of gangs should have that same element of ritual and initiation to them. The in-game internet could also play a big part in this, by hiding access to secret organisations and letting the player contact them by sleuthing out the clues to their location and what is required to join them. This would be especially fitting for an Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theorist faction.

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Posted (edited)

Here's another Carcer City gang, with their real-life equivalent in parentheses.


Name: Uptown Confederates (Uptown Rebels/Young Patriots)

Turf: Uptown Carcer City, around the areas of Montrose & Malden

Ethnicity: White, mostly Southerners and Appalachian-Americans

Gang Colors: Gray and Red

Allegiance: The Republic (People Nation), 1980-2001

Year Founded: 1968

Year Disbanded: 2001

Symbols: Confederate Flag, Bald Eagle, Catholic Cross, Iron Cross, Five-Sided Star

Allies: Yaoi Lords (Gaylords), Cavaliers (Jousters), Hentai Fiends (Stoned Freaks), Carcer East (Chi-West), Spanish Lords (Latin Kings), Sin Kings (Vice Lords), Black Lion Party (Black Panthers), Young Revolutionaries (Young Lords), Rainbow Alliance (Rainbow Coalition)

Enemies: Gangster Apostles (Gangster Disciples), Spanish Falcons (Latin Eagles), Broilers (Brazers), Carcer City Royals (Simon City Royals), Morrison Aristocrats (Harrison Gents), Lunatic Spanish Disciples (Maniac Latin Disciples)

Weapons: Baseball Bat, Hunting Knife, Hatchet, Katana, 9mm Pistol, .38 Revolver, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Lever-Action Rifle, Desert Eagle

Vehicles: Bobcat, Walton, Ruiner, Kuruma

Favorite Radio Stations: The Harvest (Classic Country), Carcer Rock Radio (Classic Rock)

Known Hangouts: The Long Branch Saloon, Kenmore Apartment Complex, McClellan Park

Leaders: James Quincy, Dante Price

Notes: Based on both the now defunct Uptown Rebels gang of Chicago and the Young Patriots of the 1960's and 1970's. Ironically, the real-life Uptown Rebels were an extremely racist gang while the Young Patriots were avowed anti-racists and supported the Black Panthers and Fred Hampton's Rainbow Coalition, but both were founded by White Southerners and Appalachian-Americans in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. While the name and imagery of the Uptown Confederates is taken from the Uptown Rebels, their actual gang ideology is based on the left-leaning and anti-racist Young Patriots, and both groups used the Confederate Flag as a symbol anyway.

Edited by Osric

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State organzation's type: Biker Gang
Name: Designers MC


  • Tudor, Berchem, Alderney
  • East Holland, Varsity Heights, Middle Park West, Algonquin
  • East Island City, Dukes
  • Downtown, Schottler, Broker
Headquarters: Their club located in a building in Schottler
Boss: Simon "Spitfire" Mayor
Rival gangs: None
Allied gangs: The Lost MC, Angels of Death MC, Uptown Riders, Jamaican Mafia, Liberty City Triads, Irish Mob, Skinheads
Affliations: Brucie Kibbutz, Steve, Lyle Rivas, Chan Jaoming, Pretty Boy
Criminal activities: Illegal import/export, carjacking
Ethnicity: Various
Weapons: Knife, Baseball Bat, Hand Axe, various other melee weapons
Vehicles: Diabolus, Avarus, Hellfury, Revenant, Wolfsbane, Nightblade, Freeway, Hessian, Avenger, and many others
Style: A different, non-traditional bunch of motorbike afficiandos. They have good contacts with other biker gangs and also keep in touch with other garage owners to buy spare parts and vehicles from them. They don't seek rivalry and don't have any particular trend, they just like riding their bikes around the East Coast and their criminal activities are actually a minority, they're a true legal dedicated motorcycle club.

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