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Create your own criminal organization

Recommended Posts



State organzation's type (Syndicate,Mafia,Gang...)



Headquarters:(Satriale's Pork Store)


Rival gangs

Allied gangs


Criminal activities




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Organzation's type-outlaw motorcycle club

Name-Wild Riders MC

Territories-San Andreas

Headquarters-various clubhouses


Rival gangs-Ballas, Vagos, Marabunta Grande, Angels Of Death

Allied gangs-The Lost MC, Uptown Riders, Families, Varrios Los Aztecas

Factions-Route 68 chapter, Palomino Creek chapter, Fort Carson chapter

Criminal activities-gambling, illegal street racing, marijuana dealing, weapons dealing, vehicle theft

Ethnicity-multiethnic (40% white, 25% black, 25% latino, 5% asian and 5% middle eastern)

Weapons-Desert Eagle, Python .357, MP5, Micro SMG, Sawed off double barrel shotgun, Molotovs, Knife, Baseball bat, Brass knuckles

Vehicles-Angel, Bagger, Daemon, Diabolus, Freeway, Hellfury, Hexer, Innovation, Lycan, Nightblade, Revenant, Sovereign, Thrust, Vindicator, Wayfarer (both SA and TLAD versions), Wintergreen, Wolfsbane, Zombie, Hotknife (both SA and GTA 5 versions), Rat Truck, Thunder Rodd

Favorite radio stations-V-Rock, KDST, Radio X, Liberty Rock Radio, Los Santos Rock Radio

Edited by LeopardGecko

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Organzation type; outlaw thug crew


Territories; New acadia, san andreas, liberty city and alderney

Headquarters; various apartment buildings

Boss; Alex ward

Rival gangs; JLD faction(jenny-louise duguay), umbrella inc., ballas, vagos, various mafias, hipsters, various bikers, quebecers

Allied gangs; TPI(trevor phillips industries), families, keith mcgraw thug crew, pierre-paul faction, forum gangsters(franklin & lamar)

Factions; sandy shores crew, los santos crew, paleto bay crew, ward island crew(original crew)

Criminal activity; real estate without a license, illegal street racing, prostitution, marijuana dealing, chop shops, arms dealing, illegal fishing, contraband tobacco, vehicle theft, bootlegging, burgulary, etc.

Ethinicity; thug

Weapons; hawk & little pistol, shrewsbury .357 revolver(s&w m19), shrewsbury pump shotgun, vom feuer carbine rifle, baseball bat, knife, machete, etc.

Vehicles; vapid stanier(both first & second generations), vapid sandking xl, vapid sadler, vapid uranus, vapid dominator, vapid slamvan(both truck & van models), classique stallion, declasse sabre, declasse sabre turbo, declasse gang burrito, declasse vigero, dundreary admiral, albany esperanto, albany primo, albany buccaneer(both gta iv & gta v models), cheval picador, imponte phoenix, zirconium journey, etc.


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Here's a my gang:


Name:Ukrainian Mob

Territories:Easton and Lower Easton,Algonquin.Malvada,San Andreas,(based on Alameda,California),West Vinewood,Lower Alderney city and Normandy.

Headquarters:Vyshivanka Restaurant,Lower Easton,Algonquin,NL and 5 clubhouses in the US

Rivals:Russian Mob,Armenian Mafia,and Minor gangs

Allied gangs:Yakuza (LC) (LS),Jewish Syndicate (LC) (SA) (VC)

Boss:Vitaly Buchko

Factions:Liberty City and Alderney City



West Vinewood

Vice City (along with the Jewish faction)

Criminal Activites:Racketering(not in Normandy),Bribery,Extortion,Contract Killing,Polititical corruption,money laudering,murdering,drug dealing and fraud.

Ethnicity:Ukranian 70%,Jewish 26%,Tatarians of Crimea 2%Other 2%.

Weapons:M4,MP5,SMG,Remote control Bombs,9mm,Desert Eagle.

Vehicles:Bravado Feroci,Bravado Gauntlet,Albany Emperor,Albany Washington,Schyster Pmp 700 (newer version of the IV PMP 600)Emperor Lokus 450 (Based on the 2012 Lexus GS450h)Albany Cavalcade 1st and 2nd generation,Benefactor Admiral L (Based on the Mercedes S500 Long) and Mirage MZC (based on Acura TLX)

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Type: Prison gang

Name: Angloes (based on the 'Aryan Brotherhood')

Territory: U.S State Prisons

Headquarters: Bolingbroke Penitentiery and Alderney State Correctional Facility

Allies: Rednecks, Mexican Mob and other white supremacist organizations

Rivals: Families, Ballas, other non-white prison gangs

Boss: N/A

Factions: West Coast Angloes (Bolingbroke), East Coast Angloes (Alderney state), Free Angloes (non-convicts)

Criminal activities: Racketeering, homicide, drug dealing, drug posession

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Weapons: Improvised melees, pistols (non-convicts

Vehicles: N/A

Type: Prison gang/Syndicate

Name:Chingos/Mexican Mob (La Eme/Mexican Mafia)

Territory: Border states and border state prisons.

Headquarters: Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Alamo Sea, East Los Santos

Allies: Vagos, Marabunta Grande, Madrazo Cartel, Angloes

Rivals: Triads, TPI, Aztecas, Rednecks, other non-north hispanic prison gangs

Boss: Fernando Diaz

Factions: The Chingos (prison), Mexican Mob (outside)

Criminal Activites: Racketeering, prostitution, homicide, drug dealing, gun dealing, drug posession, pimping etc.

Ethnicity: Hispanic (Mexican)

Weapons: Improvised melees (prison), knife, pistol, micro smg, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle

Vehicles: Baller, Vodoo, Fusilade

Feel free to use these for concepts. :)

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State Organization's type: Biker Gang

Name: Highway Demons

Founded: 1966

Territories: Carcer City, Liberty City, Ludendorff, Capital City

Headquarters: Carcer City

Boss: Sgt. Kill

Rival gangs: Police, Corporations, Government

Allied gangs: N/A

Factions: N/A

Criminal activities: Unlawful Assembly, Domestic Terrorism, Vandalism, Murder, Arson, Blackmailing, Chop shops, Arms dealing, Drug dealing,

Ethnicity: Multi

Weapons: Money, Switchblades,

Vehicles: Bikes

Favorite Radio Stations: V-Rock, Liberty City Hardcore, Channel X

Edited by Sharp_shooter

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Organization's type: Syndicate

Name: The Hackifyers

Founded: 1981

Territories: Los Santos, Vice City, Las Venturas

Headquarters: Vice City

Boss: Ms. Xen

Rival gangs: Police, Government, Corporations, the Families, Ballas, Varrios Los Aztecas

Allied gangs: Madrazo Cartel, Los Santos Vagos

Factions: None

Criminal activities: Hacking, Prostitution, Smuggling, Bribery, Extortion, Contract Killing, Polititical Corruption, Money Laudering, Fraud.

Ethnicity: 20% American, 40% British, 20% Hispanic, 20% French

Weapons: Combat Pistol, MG, Bullpup Shotgun, Carbine Rifle, Sniper Rifle, SMG, RPG

Vehicles: Sentinel, Zion, Oracle, Schafter, Tailgater, Massacro, Super Diamond, Schwartzer

Favorite Radio Stations: Flash FM, Wave 103, V-Rock, Space 103.2, Non-Stop-Pop FM, Los Santos Rock Radio, Soulwax FM

Edited by Ivan1997GTA

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Niko Montana
Type: Street Gang

Name: Los Veteranos

Territories: East Los Santos, South Los Santos, Blaine County, San Fierro

Headquarters: Abandoned Apartment Buildings in South Los Santos

Boss: Diego Ortega

Rival gangs: The Families, Ballas, Vagos, Varrios Los Aztecas, Rednecks

Allied gangs: Marabunta Grande, Madrazo Cartel, Los Santos Triads

Factions: Southern San Andreas faction, Northern San Andreas Faction

Criminal activities: Drug Dealing/Trafficking, Arms Dealing/Trafficking, Imports/Exports

Ethnicity: Mainly Hispanic

Weapons: Knife, Baseball Bat, Pistol, Combat Pistol, Heavy Pistol, Micro SMG, SMG, Pump Action Shotgun, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Sniper Rifle, RPG, Molotov, Tear Gas, Grenades

Vehicles: Manana, Voodoo, Peyote, Blade, Stallion, Dukes, Sabre Turbo, Slamvan, Rancher XL, Phoenix, Sanchez, Rumpo

Favorite Radio Station: East Los FM, Radio Los Santos, The Lab, West Coast Classics

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Here's some GTA versions of real gangs, the real life equivalent is next to the gang's name in parentheses


Name: Rebel Mob (Dixie Mafia)

Type: Organized

Ethnicity: Mostly White, some Hispanic, all Southern

Territories: Southern United States, particularly Vice City (Miami, Florida), Tudor City (Richmond, Virginia), New Marseilles (New Orleans, Louisiana), Athena (Atlanta, Georgia), Crockett City (Nashville, Tennessee), Bourbonville (Louisville, Kentucky), Lottie City (Charlotte, North Carolina) and Armadillo (Dallas, Texas)

Allies: Rednecks, Lost MC, Gambetti Crime Family, Lupinsella Crime Family, Carcer City Outfit (Chicago Outfit), Irish Mob, Liberty City Triads, Trevor Philips Enterprises, Los Santos Vagos, Armenian Mafia, The Professionals

Enemies: Ballas, Families, M.O.B, Varrios Los Aztecas, Marabunta Grande, Madrazo Cartel, Petrovic Bratva,

Activities: Drugs, Moonshine, Protection, Extortion, Robbery, acting as distributors and allies for the Italian Mafia in the South

Weapons: Knife, Heavy Pistol, Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Mini Uzi

Vehicles: Phoenix, Sabre, Bobcat, Walton, Bodhi, Rumpo

Favorite Radio Station: Rebel Radio, K-Rose



Name: Dead On Arrrival (Dead Man Incorporated)

Type: Prison Gang, Street Gang

Ethnicity: White

Territories: Prison chapters have sway in nearly all of the facilities in the Maryland Department of Corrections, with some chapters in the Virginia Department of Corrections as well. Street chapters have turf to some extent in most of Maryland's major cities, as well as presence in Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Capital City (Washington DC)

Allies: Black Militia Organization (Black Guerilla Family), Lost MC, The Professionals, Families, Petrovic Bratva

Rivals: Ballas, Los Santos Vagos, Marabunta Grande, Yardies, Angels of Death MC, Irish Mob, Merryweather Securities, Epsilon Program, and above all else, the Federal Government (as the gang's ideology is fairly anti-religion and anti-government)

Activities: Drug trafficking, Extortion, Protection, Burglary, Contract Killings

Vehicles: Futo, Kuruma, Landstalker (Street Chapters)

Weapons: Improvised melee weapons (Prison chapters), Baseball Bat, Knife, Pistol, Mini Uzi (Street chapters)

Favorite Radio Stations: LCHC, Radio Broker, Liberty Rock Radio, Channel X, Vinewood Boulevard Radio


Capital City Homeboys (DC Blacks)

Type: Prison Gang

Ethnicity: African-American

Territories: Capital City, Alderney State Correctional Facility, Chapters all over East Coast penitentiaries, as well as in the Federal Prison System

Allies: Black Militia Organization, Ballas, North Holland Hustlers, M.O.B., Wei Cheng Triads, El Norte (Nortenos)

Rivals: Saxon Brotherhood (Aryan Brotherhood), Fascist Lowriders (Nazi Lowriders), Angels of Death MC, Lost MC, Marabunta Grande, Aztec Mafia (La Eme), Rednecks

Activities: Drug Trafficking, Protection

Vehicles: None

Weapons: Improvised melee weapons

Favorite Radio Stations: The Beat 102.7, The Lab, Radio Los Santos, West Coast Classics, IF99, K109


Yamizaki Tribe (Yamaguchi-gumi)

Type: Yakuza

Ethnicity: Mostly Japanese and Japanese-American, some Koreans and Hmong as well

Territories: Kobe is their main headquarters, with operations all over Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Western United States, particularly Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Blackwater (Denver, Colorado), Kamekameha (Honolulu, Hawaii), Aquarius City (Seattle, Washington), Bridgeport (Portland, Oregon), and very limited presence in Carcer City (Chicago, Illinois)

Allies: Liberty City Triads, Midtown Gangsters, Los Santos Korean Mob, Trevor Philips Enterprises, Lost MC, Ancelotti Family, The Professionals, Armenian Mafia, Families

Rivals: Carcer City Outfit, Rednecks, Madrazo Cartel, Wei Cheng Triads, Marabunta Grande, Ballas, Petrovic Bratva, Albanian Mob, Gambetti Family

Activities: Weapons smuggling, Gambling, Drug trafficking, Extortion, Prostitution, Pornography, Fraud, White-Collar Crime, Counterfeit Goods, Fencing Stolen Merchandise

Weapons: Knife, Katana, Pool Cue, Pistol, Combat Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Assault Carbine

Vehicles: Kuruma, Oracle, Washington, PMP 600, Sentinel, NRG 500

Favorite Radio Stations: Soulwax FM, Electro Choc, Radio Mirror Park, Non-Stop Pop FM, Channel X

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Name: Los Santos Bratva.

Type: Mafia, although in practice closer to a paramilitary group.

Territories: La Puerta, South Los Santos, West Vinewood, Los Santos County, Grand Senora Desert.

Headquarters: A tunnel network somewhere in South Los Santos.

Boss: Aleksandr Kazakov, a veteran of Afghan & Chechen War.

Rival gangs: Vagos, Ballas, Madrazo Cartel, Wei Cheng Triads, Merryweather Securities.

Allied gangs: Aztecas, Families, Korean Mob.

Activities: Unlawful weapons tech development, production, stockpiling, & trade, espionage, assassination, terrorism, hacking, racketeering, agitation, squatting.

Ethnicity: 65% Russian, 30% Armenian, 5% others.

Weapons: Entrenching spade, Cossack sword, Stechkin APS, PL-14 in .45ACP, PP-2000, AK-47, SKS, Saiga-12, KS-23, PKM, RPD, Mosin-Nagant, RPG, Anti-Tank missile, Tesla gun, Laser gun, 14.5mm sniper coilpistol, 30mm 3-barrel coilgun.

Vehicles: Dune, Duneloader, Burrito, Wayfarer, Savage, Cargo plane.

Edited by IvanBraginsky

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D- Ice

Great thread OP - I especially like the use of "criminal organisation" rather than "gang" in the title, as it'll us to create criminal organisations that'll range past the stereotypical, unoriginal, and over-done gangs.

Here's some ideas I'm thinking of including in a new GTA spin-off concept I'm working on, set in a fictional near-future Chicago-based setting:


Love Media's Intelligence Network.


Organzation's type: Originally set up in response to rampant Chinese Economic Espionage on the US, Love Media Counter-Intellectual Theft Research (CITR) mascarades as a branch of Love Media dedicated to researching ways to prevent, disuade, and uncover copyright piracy and corporate espionage. In reality, it's a front for the Love corporation's private espionage and intelligence agency.


Territories: None. Some undercover agents are embedded in some territory-controlling street gangs, some of whom achieving high postions within these gangs.


Headquarters: They have official offices in the Love Media headquarters in the city known as the Love Media CITR division. However, the employees that work there are but a tokken cover to hide the far larger numbers employeed in an elaborate espionage network that rivals that of many national governments. There are far more smaller offices, warehouses, and other properties owned by various businesses that are either directly, or indirectly, sub-contracted by Love Media CITR and it's parent company, the Love Media Corporation. Many of these sub-contracted businesses have been secretly set up by Love Media as fronts for the least ethical and legal activities, which Love Media wants to distance itself most from.


Boss: Officially, there's Juan "Red" Valdez, who works in the CITR offices at the Love Media HQ. However, his work and position are only covers. The real leaders of the more secretive work are unknown. Many experts believe that they aren't even directly hired by Love Media, but rather the elaborate network of companies indirectly sub-contracted by Love Media and it's CITR division.


Rival gangs: Donald Love's ambitions lie far beyond the common street hoodlums and organised crime gangs. These guys are involved in high-level political and corporate espionage against real power-players who threaten Love's sinister ambitions.

Allied gangs: None. Various criminal organisations are manipulated and influenced via embedded deep-cover agents for Love's own ends.


Factions: Love Media CITR essentially just acts as a hub and funding channel for a whole host of subcontracted companies that form an elaborate intelligence-gathering network. The subcontracted companies involved in the network mostly focus on cyber-security and private investigations. There is also Dead Eye Security Inc., a major company hired by the US Government to analyse all the CCTV camera feeds around the city using the former's super-computers and patented video-analysing and facial-recognition software. Love Meda hires Dead Eye Inc. to supposedly anaylse CCTV footage from their head offices and various other properties, but the amount they are being paid is over one hundred times what is expected. They are likely being paid to do other things for the Love Media Corporation, most probably involving their intelligence network.


Ethnicity: Multiple. The large numbers of people employed by the network and it's lack of focus of ethnicity means that virtually all major ethnic groups in the city are fairly represented amongst employees.


Weapons: None. Agents are tasked with collecting and analysing information, not killings and assassinations. For those, freelance assassins, hitmen, and even mercenaries are hired. Agents themselves are mostly completely unarmed. Some in the field may use basic melee weapons and firearms to protect themselves, or use weapons associated with their assumed undercover identities (i.e. those mascarading as street gangsters would carry the associated weapons).


Vehicles: Most just use their own private vehicles, which are mostly regular cars, to get to work and back. Undercover agents wll use vehicles associated with their assumed identities - from pizza-delivery scooters to heavy-duty construction lorries. Some front companies that are part of the network have company vehicles that are specially-modified for intelligence gathering - like the stereotypical delivery van parked outside, packed with sophisticated spy gear in the back, and with agents sitting there listening in and analysing the video feeds.

Edited by D- Ice

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Organzation's type-street gang/loose group of street criminals


Territories-Liberty City,Vice City,Los Santos,Las Venturas,San Fierro

Headquarters-various abandoned buildings


Rival gangs-none

Allied gangs-whoever pays


Criminal activities-spraying graffiti,gambling,drug dealing,vehicle theft,mugging,pickpocketing,small time robbery,burglary,hired muscle


Weapons-brass knuckles,knife,baseball bat,various pistols and revolvers

Vehicles-various cheaper cars and motorcycles,sometimes seen in stolen luxury cars

Favorite radio stations-various

Edited by LeopardGecko

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Some gangs from Motor City:


Name: Mural Street Guts

Type: Street Gang

Ethnicity: Mainly Afro-American

Territories: Mural Street in southeast Tally (Flint)

Headquarter(s): N/A

Boss: "Cream"

Allies: Families, Sixers

Rivals: Bond Street Ballas, Fivers, Spanish Lords

Criminal Activities: Homicide, Robbery, Trafficking, Arson

Weapons: Knife, Pistol, Tech 9, Assault Rifle

Vehicles: Manana, Baller, Dukes, Rumpo


Name: Bond Street Ballas

Type: Street Gang

Ethnicity: Afro-American

Territories: Bond Street in southeast Tally (Flint)

Headquarter(s): Bond's auto repair

Boss: "Dolly"

Allies: Sixers

Rivals: Mural Street Guts, Families, Spanish Lords

Criminal Activities: Homicide, Trafficking, Robbery, Arson

Weapons: Knife, Bat, Pistol, Micro SMG, Pump Shotgun

Vehicles: Baller, Dukes, Vodoo


Name: The Motor City Connection

Type: Mafia

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Territories: N/A

Headquarter(s): Toni's Pizza, Grotti Showroom

Boss: Frank "Frankie Nuts" Tocco

Allies: The Commission, Sears Mafia

Rivals: Polish Partnership

Criminal Activities: Loansharking, Extortion, Homicide, Trafficking, Racketeering

Weapons: Pistol, SMG

Vehicles: Cognoscenti, Emperor

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Voit Turyv

inb4 someone mentions 3rd Street Saints

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Organization's type: Mafia
Name: Tang Family (If you got the reference, then kudos to you.)
Founded: 2001
Territories: Los Santos, Liberty City
Headquarters: Dream Tower, Little Seoul, Los Santos
Boss: Lee Tang
Rival gangs: Los Santos Triads, Kkangpae, The Lost MC
Allied gangs: Trevor Philips Enterprises, Liberty City Triads, McReary Family, Angels of Death
Factions: None
Criminal activities: Trafficking, Smuggling, Bribery, Extortion, Contract Killing, Loansharking, Money Laudering, Fraud.
Ethnicity: 50% Chinese, 25% Japanese, 25% American
Weapons: Heavy Pistol, Assault Shotgun, Heavy Sniper, Combat PDW, Special Carbine
Vehicles: Penumbra, Massacro, Frogger, Sultan, Kuruma, Squalo, Bison, Oracle, Felon, FQ 2, Prairie
Favorite Radio Stations: Non-Stop-Pop FM, Electro-Choc, Soulwax FM, Worldwide FM, Radio Mirror Park, Radio Broker, Liberty Rock Radio, The Vibe, Vice City FM, K109 The Studio

Edited by Ivan1997GTA

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slimeball supreme


Edited by Mr. Fartenhate

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Name: The Killerhipsters

Type: Nothing like you've ever seen before, very original

Boss: No boss. These people have their own style and don't like being ruled by some random know-it-all

Territories: Broker, Liberty City; Mirror Park, Los Santos; spread throughout the entire world

Allies: None

Rivals: Trevor Philips Industries, pretty much anyone who's not a hipster

Activities: Being original, being disgusted by mainstream culture, drug dealing

Weapons: Musket, antique cavalry dagger, marksman pistol, sawed-off shotgun

Vehicles Weeny Issi, Benefactor Panto

Favourite Radio Stations: Radio Broker, Radio Mirror Park

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slimeball supreme

Name: Bol'Shoy Mal'Chik Bratsvo

Type: Street Gang - Formerly Organised

Founded: 2013

Boss: 'DM' Malkov

Territories: Formerly Hove Beach, Now Just Street Roamers

Headquarters: Underground Porn Store, Hove Beach

Allies: Nobody

Rivals: Other Factions

Factions: Various Fractures of the former Petrovic Bratva

Activities: Small Time Drug Trafficking, Vandalism

Ethnicity: Russian/Albanian

Weapons: Pistol (IV Version), Micro SMG (IV Version)

Vehicles: Vapid Uranus, Dinka Blista Compact

Favourite Radio Stations: Vladistok FM


- Fracture of the now disbanded Petrovic Bratva

- Unable to cope with LCPD's new efficiency after 2011 COCK Act

- Small Time

- Constant Infighting between members

Edited by Mr. Fahrenheit

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Name: Yakuza

Type: Japanese mafia

Territories: Easton, Meat Quarter, Lower Easton, Hatton Gardens, Suffolk / Alta, Morningwood, East Vinewood, Cypress Flatts

Headquarters: Leopolds in Easton, Vinewood Casino in East Vinewood

Boss: Keigo Urahara

Rival gangs: Spanish Lords, Albanian Mob, The Commission, A.O.D., Russians, Afroamericans / Vagos, Marabunta Grande, O'Neil's

Allied gangs: Triads, Lost MC, Jamaicans, Irish Mob, Korean Mob / L.S. Triads, Madrazo Cartel, Armenians, Grove Street

Factions: Algonquin, Los Santos

Criminal activities: Gambling, Smuggling, Counterfeiting, Car stealing

Ethnicity: Japanese

Weapons: MP5, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, AK-47

Vehicles: Sultan RS, Stratum, Super GT, Sentinel, Buffalo, Penumbra

Favorite station: Electro Choc, Radio Broker & The Journey / Soulwax FM, FlyLO FM & Radio Mirror Park

Description: After the decline of Yakuzas on 2001, they reborn taking control over Algonquin and some parts of L.S.

Edited by killMEbeth

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Here goes my first gang from my Prestige City concept thread:

Hanoi Sultans
Gang control: Carrick Point, Atlantic View and Cascade Hook.
Leader: Ho Thi Quang.
Type: Vietnamese criminal organization.
Affiliations: Amberland Hustlers, A.O.D., Haitians.
Enemies: Spanish Lords, Triads, Valdez Cartel, Yardies, Irish Mob.
Colors: Red, Gold and Brown.
Vehicles: Tampa, Solair, Esperanto.
Weapons: Pistol, Tec-9, SMG, Knife.
Business: Smuggling, Drug Trade, Extortion, Slavery, Human trafficking.
Fronts: Seaport District shipping docks and Prestige East Side docks.
Important members: Ho Thi Quang, Bui Do Sai, Ly Dinh Ta and Phan Cao Chung.
Favorite radio stations: Logic Bass 95, B-Step Radio & C.H.R. 89.1.

Edited by killMEbeth

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Here's my gang for Prestige City. These Loonies are completely different from the Loonies we've seen in GTA 2, as these are a team of cosplayers (dressed as various characters from video games, cartoons, anime & comic books. Some members might be dressed as characters from the 3D Universe, like Claude or Ryder.). In other words, a gang full of nerds (similar to the school clique in Bully).

Gang control: Prestige South Side, Riverside & Spitzwood
Leader: Dan Gitleid (the biggest nerd of Prestige City)
Type: Street gang
Affiliations: Triads, Irish Mob, Hipsters, Spanish Lords, Yardies.
Enemies: Haitians, A.O.D., Messina's, Jewish Mob, Hanoi Sultans, the Bullet Syndicate.
Colors: Green, Pink, Blue & White.
Vehicles: Dementia, Asea, BeeJay XL, PCJ-600.
Weapons: Pistol, SMG, Bullpup Shotgun, AK-47, Baseball Bat, Skateboard, Sniper Rifle.
Business: Prostitution, Loan Shark, Robbery, Drug trafficking, Rule 34 (cartoons, anime, videogames & comics).
Fronts: Prestige City Public Library & Prestige City Mental Health Center.
Important members: Tommy Nervoz (RSR Butch cosplayer), Sara Ayds (Turanga Leela cosplayer), Roger Plehboi (Toni Cipriani cosplayer) and others.
Favorite radio stations: Alkaline FM, NightLoli FM, Sparkle Wave 88.3, Square-Chaos FM & Animusic 95.6.

Edited by Ivan1997GTA

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Here's my gang for Prestige City. These Loonies are completely different from the Loonies we've seen in GTA 2, as these are a team of cosplayers (dressed as various characters from video games, cartoons, anime & comic books. Some members might be dressed as characters from the 3D Universe, like Claude or Ryder.). In other words, a gang full of nerds (similar to the school clique in Bully).



Gang control: TBA

Leader: Dan Gitleid (the biggest nerd of Prestige City)

Type: Street gang

Affiliations: Triads, Irish Mob

Enemies: Haitians, A.O.D.

Colors: Green, Pink, White & Blue.

Vehicles: Dementia, Asea, BeeJay XL.

Weapons: Pistol, Micro-SMG, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Baseball Bat, Skateboard, Sniper Rifle.

Business: Prostitution, Loansharking, Robbery, Drugs, Rule 34 (cartoons, anime, videogames & comics).

Fronts: Prestige City Public Library & Prestige City Mental Health Center.

Important members: Everyone.

Favorite radio stations: Alkaline FM, NightLoli FM, Square-Chaos FM & Animusic 95.6.


Here's the list of gangs:

  • Vietnamese gang (Hanoi Sultans)
  • Dominican/Puerto Ricans (Spanish Lords)
  • Irish mob (Nicholson Crime Family)
  • Jewish (Jewish Mob)
  • Loony gang (Loonies)
  • Afro-Americans gang (Roxbury Hustlers)
  • Jamaican gang (Yardies)
  • Chinese mob (Triads)
  • Italian mafia (Messina family)
  • Mexican cartel (Valdez Cartel)
  • Haitian gang (Haitian Rowdies)
  • Bikers (A.O.D.)
  • Hipsters (Shinebrook Moderns) probably never heard of it.


Spanish Lords

Gang Control: Prestige East Side (TBA).

Leader: Manuel Levilla.

Type: Dominican/Puerto Rican street gang.

Affiliations: Irish Mob, Valdez Cartel, Yardies, Triads, Loonies, Hipsters.

Enemies: Messina's, Jewish Mob, Hanoi Sultans.

Colors: Gold, Blue, Yellow and Red.

Vehicles: Cavalcade, Tornado, Oracle.

Weapons: SMG, Pistol, Baseball Bat, Knife, Mac 10, M4.

Business: Prostitution, Extortion, Drug trafficking, Loan Shark, Robbery.

Fronts: Sangre Latina Bar, Mahons Textile Factory & Dominicans Community Center.

Important members: Lucho Cantera, Vicente Jandros, Alejandro Alex Sorano and others.

Favorite radio stations: Rumba 95.3 & W-Jam 107.3.

Edited by GloryBox94

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Name: Cats of Anarchy
Type: Street Gang

Territories: Alderney and Broker, Liberty City. Expanded over many neighbourhoods

Headquarters: Abandoned factory in Broker, Liberty City

Boss: Fluffy McWhiskers

Rival gangs: Los Perros Carnales, Sindicatti Fellini Mascarpone, The Pack, Los Ratas

Allied gangs: The Vegan Syndicate, PETA, Cat Lovers club of Liberty City

Criminal activities: Catnip trade, extortion, homicides, maybe even prostitution

Ethnicity: Feline

Weapons: Claws, fangs

Vehicles: Various (they must rely on human drivers)



Edited by SonicTheSexhog

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Name : Southern Mafiya

Type: Mafia

Territories: Vice City, Liberty City, Capitol City (others locations around the world)

Headquarters: Skyscraper in Little Russia, Vice City. LC headquarters in Topaz Street.

Boss: Anonymous

Rival gangs: Vice City Bikers, Lost MC, Ming Family, Jewish Mob, Petrovic Mafiya, Los Cabrones, The Commision

Allied gangs: Angels of Death, The Professionals, Irish Mob, Lee Family, Haitians, Sharks

Ethnicity: Mostly Russians, few Belarusians and Ukranians

Criminal Activities: Kidnapping, Extortion, Drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, racketeering, contact killing, weapon smuggling, nightclubs, computer crimes

Weapons: Fist, Knife, Knuckledusters (VC) Switchblade (LC), Combat Pistol, Heavy Pistol, AP Pistol, Micro-SMG, Combat PDW, Bullpup Shotgun (VC), Assault Rifle, RPG, Homing Launcher, Combat Sniper (LC), Heavy Sniper (VC), grenades, sticky bombs, proximity mines.

Vehicles: Admiral (LC), Patriot (m), Schafter V12 (m), Feltzer (m, LC), Turreted Limo, Maverick, Intruder (m,VC), Seashark, Swift (VC), Miljet, Uranus (m), Smuggler (LC), Jetmax (VC), Dinghy, Reefer

Fav. Radio Stations: Vladivostok FM, The Classics FM, Wave 103, Independent FM, Self Radio




Name: Northern County Ballas

Type: Gang

Territories: Farm in Grapeseed, Ballas Sawmill, Paleto Bay, territories in other parts of USA

Headquarters: Red's Machine Supplies, Paleto Bay.

Boss: Kane 'King' Wilson

Rivals: Families, Rednecks, TPI, Armenian Mob, Los Santos Triads, Lost MC

Allies: Ballas, Los Santos Vagos (peace treaty)

Ethnicity: Black Americans

Criminal activities: Illegal cultivation of various illegal substances, drug smuggling, weapon smuggling, extortion, kidnapping, arson, graffiti, Grand Theft Auto

Weapons: Knife, Baseball bat, Pistol, Micro-SMG, Assault Rifle, Assault shotgun, Homing launcher

Vehicles: BMX, Bison, Peyote, Jackal (m), Primo (c,m), Voodoo (c,m), Moonbeam (c,m), Habanero (m), Flatbed, Scrap, Seashark, Squalo

Fav. radio station: West Coast Classics

Information: In order to have better management of Blaine Country and northern USA, The Ballas decided to create a new set hled by the notorious 'King' Kane. The Ballas intially controlled the sawmill, but later expanded and took hold of a farm in Grapeseed and wiped out the local rednecks. They also had a monopoly over the boat trades in Blaine County. Soon, they became the most financially powerful set of the Ballas. Only gang to ever claim control of Mt. Chiliad.

Edited by Leo2301

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More gangs of Prestige City:


Nicholson’s Crime Family

Gang control: Georgetown, Astoria, Prestige Meadows and Carterville

Leader: Dean Nicholson

Type: Irish-American crime family

Affiliations: Yardies, Spanish Lords, Triads, Loonies, Hipsters

Enemies: Messina’s, A.O.D., Jewish Mob, Hanoi Sultans

Colors: Green, Orange and Black.

Vehicles: Admiral, Landstalker.

Weapons: AK-47, MP5, Pistol, Baseball Bat, Pump-Up Shotgun.

Business: Drugs, Robbery, Kidnapping, Hijacking, Money laundering.

Fronts: Nicholson’s House, The Golden Dwarf Bar, Pißwasser Factory.

Important members: Tamara Nicholson, Andrew Nicholson, Marty Nicholson, Patrick McReary, Woody Neil.

Favorite radio stations: Britannia FM, PRR, Celtic Sounds & Eris FM


Jewish Mob

Gang control: Colossus Island and Upper Capital

Leader: Ivri Elfenbein

Type: Jewish Organized Crime Syndicate

Affiliations: Messina’s

Enemies: Irish Mob, Spanish Lords, Yardies, Hipsters, Loonies

Colors: Black and Grey.

Vehicles: PMP 600, Schafter, Alpha.

Weapons: MP5, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, AK-47, Mac-10, M4.

Business: Gemstone smuggling and trading.

Fronts: Colossus Jewelry Lab and Celtica Hotel in Downtown.

Important members: Meir Kreidler, Fayvel Bachman, Fermi Glick, Julian Igerski.

Favorite radio stations: Hemisphere FM, W-EDM & Weazel Radio.


Amberland Hustlers

Gang control: Amberland, West Amberland and Lower Amberland.

Leader: Bernard “BC” Cameron

Type: African American street gang

Affiliations: Hanoi Sultans, Haitians, Spanish Lords

Enemies: A.O.D., Messina’s, Triads, Yardies

Colors: Blue, White and Black.

Vehicles: Rumpo, Peyote, Huntley.

Weapons: Pistol, Mac-10, Tec-9, MP5, AK-47, Combat Shotgun, AK-47, Baseball Bat.

Business: Drugs trafficking, illegal drug distribution, Carjacking, Pimping, Prostitution.

Fronts: Housing Projects in Amberland, Porno shops around the city and Abandoned Train Garage in Kashmir Point.

Important members: Tyron Rachels, Kane Murray, Charlie Collins, Kenny Wallace.

Favorite radio stations: W-Jam 107.3, Ghetto Classics & Graff Rapp 91.7.

Edited by GloryBox94

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slimeball supreme

[delet this]

Edited by Mr. Fartenhate

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State organzation's type: Street Gang

Name: The Dominoes


Territories: Carcer City, Liberty City, & Southwest City (A made up city, real life counterpart: Albuquerque)

Headquarters: Carcer Church, Denton City's Junkyard, North Holland, Northwood, East Hook, Outlook, Meadow Hills, Industrial, Roman Heights (Mountain View in ALB), and Garden View (Valley Heights in ALB)

Boss: Jacari Wilson (Liberty City Boss), Mateo Torres (Carcer City Boss), and Samuel Myers (Southwest City Boss)

Rival gangs: Carcer City - The Smileys, The Skinz, The Hoods, & The Innocentz, Southwest City - The Families, The Clownz (Juggalos), Blooded Brotherhood (Aryan Brotherhood), Angels Of Death MC, & Johnston Trailer Posse (Made Up), Liberty City - Angels of Death MC, Yardies, Pegorino Crime Family, & Spanish Lords


Allied gangs: Carcer City - Red Nation (Vice Lords) & Cibulka Crime Family (Polish-American Organized Crime), Liberty City - Uptown Riders, Lost MC LC Division, & North Holland Hustlers, Southwest City - Chicano Blvd (18th Street), Ballas, Lost MC, & Ballas

Factions: Desert Basin (South Valley in ALB), Bohan, Dukes, Algonquin (Uptown), Broker, and unknown various parts of Carcer City

Criminal activities: Grand Theft Auto, Arson, Homicide, Robbery, Home Invasion, Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Assault, Battery, & Kidnapping of rival gang members


Ethnicity: Hispanics & Blacks, with small numbers of Caucasian


Weapons: Firearms - Glock 18, Double Barrel Shotgun, Hardballer, TEC-9, UZI, M16, Magnum, Hunting Rifles, MAC 11, Bren Ten (for high tier members), AK 74U, Mossberg 500, & Remington 870, Melee - Combat Knife, Butterfly Knife, Machete, Sledge Hammer, Bass Knuckles, Ice Pick, Tomahawk (for high tier members), Baton, & Baseball Bat, Other - Molotov Cocktail (Used Commonly in Arson)

Vehicles: Asea, Asterope, Baller (Both Gens), Bobcat XL, Buffalo, Cavalcade (1st Gen), Granger, Oracle (1st Gen), Rancher XL, Stainer, Washington, Zion, Albany, Huntley S, Futo, Sentinel XS (1st Gen), Faction, Sabre, Willard, Esperanto, Vincent, Fortune, Rebla, DF8-90, Cognoscenti, Hakumai, Feroci, Primo, Pinnacle, & Intruder

Edited by Raul Passos

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How I like to make this kind of things, new gangs to Prestige City:



Gang control: Little Kingston and Westway

Leader: Ruddy “Zion Jr.” Moore

Type: Jamaican Posse

Affiliations: Irish Mob, Triads, Spanish Lords, Hipsters, Loonies

Enemies: A.O.D., Haitians, Jewish Mob, Messina’s, Hanoi Sultans

Colors: Green and Gold

Vehicles: Serrano, Voodoo, Habanero.

Business: Drug trafficking, armed robbery, Illegal drug distribution.

Fronts: Four Paths Bar & Grill.

Important members: Maurice Moore, Freddy, Valeria Quinn, Elliot Sommer.

Favorite radio stations: Zion FM & The Garden 103.7.



Gang control: Chinatown

Leader: Zhi Shung

Type: Chinese crime syndicate

Affiliations: A.O.D., Messina’s, Yardies, Spanish Lords, Irish Mob, Loonies

Enemies: Jewish Mob, Hanoi Sultans, Amberland Hustlers

Colors: Gray, White and Red

Vehicles: Feroci, Hakumai, Blista Compact.

Business: Extortion, Drug trafficking, Counterfeiting, Armed robbery.

Fronts: Fishmarkets, Hong Empire Restaurant.

Important members: Wu Shung, Lee Duang, Chang Fu.

Favorite radio stations: C.H.R. 89.1, Wonkstep FM & Astrotive FM.



Gang control: Indian Heights, The Scruff and Stafford Hill

Leader: Harvey Noto

Type: Italian American mafia family

Affiliations: Jewish Mob, Triads

Enemies: Spanish Lords, Yardies, Irish Mob, Loonies, Hipsters, Amberland Hustlers

Colors: Black

Vehicles: PMP 600, Sentinel, Cognoscenti Cabrio.

Business: Racketing, Prostitution, Money laundry, Labor unions.

Fronts: Majestic Hotel, Downtown Constructions yards.

Important members: Fredo Tunza, Alberto Della Piera, Martin Lurio, Ostinni

Favorite radio stations: Major Treble FM & Cellar Jazz Radio.

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Name: Speed Over Bitches.
Type: Street Racing-Oriented Gang.
Founded: 1999.
Boss: Jeffrey "Velocity" Alex.
Gang control: southern Rainier Industrial and northern Caroline.
Allies: Ravelli Family.
Enemies: The Kids of Maaskantje, Rainier Triads, Weller Crime Family, The Fallen Angels M.C.
Activities: Street Racing, Illegal Vehicle Import/Export, Illegal Vehicle Dealership Website (available only via the Black Web).
Ethnicity: Various.
Weapons: Brass Knuckles, Baseball Bat, Micro-SMG, Machine Pistol, Assault Rifle (IV version).
Vehicles: Albany Buccaneer (V version), Bravado Banshee 900R, Dinka Double T Custom, Karin Kuruma, Karin Sultan RS, Imponte Dukes, sh*tzu Hakuchou Custom.

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That's the rest of the gangs, finished, the last two gangs are like shyly appears as new gangs, I've been considering of a German gang but I declined that idea:

Valdez Cartel
Gang control: Prestige East Side and Geralds Point
Leader: Pinto Valdez
Type: Mexican Cartel
Affiliations: Spanish Lords
Enemies: Messina's, Jewish Mob, A.O.D., Haitians
Colors: Gold, Light Blue and Green
Vehicles: Patriot, Hiker, Cavalcade FXT, Taxco.
Business: Drug trafficking, Money laundering, Murder, Kidnapping, Bribery.
Fronts: The Goth Strap-On Zone.
Important members: Marroquí Valdez, Alonso Duque, Luis Cario, Jesus Muñoz.
Favorite radio stations: Rumba 95.3, Goth Sounds & Prestige Rock Radio.

Haitians Rowdies
Gang control: Apricot Hill, Pine Gardens and Silverdale
Leader: Samuel Poulet
Type: Haitian-American street gang
Affiliations: Amberland Hustlers, Hanoi Sultans, A.O.D.
Enemies: Spanish Lords, Valdez Cartel, Yardies, Loonies
Colors: Blue and White
Vehicles: Oceanic, Manana, Faction, Tahoma.
Business: Drug Trade, Weapons Trade.
Fronts: Burst Voodoo Drug Factory.
Important members: Jonas Stan, Rudy Michaelson, Eddy Parker, Monk Albert.
Favorite radio stations: Ghetto Classics, The Lust 94.7 & Groove Ball 88.7.

Gang control: Southside and Ironbrook.
Leader: Kyle Amber Simmons
Type: Outlaw motorcycle club
Affiliations: Triads, Haitians
Enemies: Irish Mob, Loonies, Amberland Hustlers, Spanish Lords, Hipsters
Colors: Red, Gray and Black
Vehicles: Zombie, Hellfury, Angel, Gang Burrito.
Business: Extortion, Drug trafficking.
Fronts: A.O.D. clubhouse, Abandoned Repair Shop.
Important members: Sam Wilbert, Donald Quay, Thomas Gilles, Peter Lever.
Favorite radio stations: Hell 106 Radio & Prestige Rock Radio.

Shinebrook Moderns
Gang control: Shinebrook, Turnball Beach and Niledyke
Leader: Shaun Maundy
Type: Hipster street gang
Affiliations: Irish Mob, Spanish Lords, Triads, Loonies, Yardies, Uptown Riders
Enemies: Messina's, Jewish Mob, A.O.D., Hanoi Sultans
Colors: Light Blue, Brown and Light Green
Vehicles: Panto, Dilettante, Issi, Dominator.
Business: Drug trafficking, Vandalism, Arms trade, Illegal import/export, Street racing.
Fronts: Prestige College, Cool Beans, Shauns apartment.
Important members: Owen Hamilton, Maurice Salzinho, Ingrid Svinkov, Matthew Evans.
Favorite radio stations: Shinebrook Radio, Astrotive FM, The Garden 103.7 & Eris FM.

Cape Verdean Mob
Gang control: Baleightown, Morseton and Atlantic Bluffs.
Leader: Barry Lima
Type: Cape Verdean organized crime
Affiliations: Valdez Cartel
Enemies: Messina's, Jewish Mob
Colors: Black, Green, Yellow and Blue
Vehicles: Feltzer, Cognoscenti, Bullet, Fusilade.
Business: Drug trafficking, Weapon trafficking, Prostitution, Contract killing, Extortion, Racketeering, Money laundering.
Fronts: Barry Limas gentleman club.
Important members: Roger Duarte, Anderson Da Cruz, Junior Brito, Hugh Dos Santos.
Favorite radio stations: Hemisphere FM, W-EDM, Cellar Jazz Radio & B-Step Radio.

Uptown Riders
Gang control: Mayflower's Corner and Bluebird Hill
Leader: Brook F
Type: Outlaw motorcycle club
Affiliations: Hipsters
Enemies: A.O.D.
Colors: Black, White, Red and Dark blue
Vehicles: Double T, Hakuchou, Bati 801.
Business: Smuggling Weapons, Street Racing, Attacks on Individuals, Selling Merchandise.
Fronts: Uptown Riders clubhouse.
Important members: Uzi D, Ray, Mack MCD Drew, William Wheelie Harrison.
Favorite radio stations: W-Jam 107.3, NightLoli FM & Astrotive FM.

Edited by GloryBox94

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