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Rising MC is now Recruiting! Join the fight


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Club: Rising MC

About: We are an outlaw 1%er motorcycle club. A crew that is hell bent on taking over all of Los Santos!

Leader Contact: http://socialclub.ro...member/iwalsh33

Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.ro.../crew/rising_mc

Platform(s): PS4

Games: GTA 5 Online

-Rising MC is a dedicated, active and fun group of people to ride with. We take our role play seriously and expect all of our members to do so. We have many high ranking spots open in new chapters. Be willing to Prove yourself to me in certain skill sets and you can move up in the chain of command and earn the respect from the rest of the club

-Not everyone is meant to be a part of The Rising MC. Like I said before this club is dedicated. Everyone in this crew is completely loyal to the brother on his side. Members here are willing to drop everything they’re doing to help a fellow member in need. To wear a Rising MC patch you need to prove yourself not as a skilled player but as a loyal, dedicated and eager to learn player.

-The Rising MC is currently looking for loyal patch members, multiple enforcers, road captain, and a Sgt at arms. Promotion in this crew does not stop, with new chapters opening up, You could be an enforcer one day and a president the next.


-These laws set forth by Rising MC shall NEVER be violated. If they are, violent actions will be taken

-If a patch member you must ALWAYS have the MC patch on your back.

-Rising MC must be your active crew at ALL TIMES.

-NEVER kill a club member, If you are attacked, inform your president. (Unless it is a group event)

-Always report violations up your chain of command.

-NO quads, or mopeds.

-Beef inside club is squashed with a bare knuckle brawl.

-NEVER engage an MC that is not an enemy unless they attack first, then you have my permission to destroy them

-If an enemy MC is seen, Destroy them and inform your President or VP so reinforcement can be sent in.

-If a brother is in need EVERYONE is to drop everything and help.

Do you have what it takes?

-Be someone on GTA

-Be feared

-Be respected

-Be one of the best

-Must have a working mic

-Must be 15+

-Must be active at least 3 days/week

-Hierarchy must be active 5 days/week

Now Join us the brotherhood!!!

Social Club-



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