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The Shooting Sport

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Hi folks!


I've been shooting at a local range for 5 years now. There's nothing as fun as shooting firearms! I'm currently competing in handgun matches at our club, and it's so much fun! My favourite handgun to shoot has to be the Browning Buckmark. I also love the Glock pistols, Springfield XD pistols and the Beretta 92FS. Don't shoot those too often though, because 9MM ammunition is super expensive.


Any more firearms enthusiasts and shooters on this forum?


(Please, only comment if you actually are interested in firearms. I'm sick and tired of getting anti-gun tirades and hearing the same crap every time.)

Edited by RageFaceMax

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You can find most of them in this topic:




I am not much of a competition shooter. There are limited facilities in the UK for such a thing, and the only indoor shooting done is just with .22LR and other pistol calibres however anything other than 22 rimfire is rare as we have limited options on what we can have, generally just see .22 calibre rifles and the odd lever action in a cowboy calibre. To fire anything full bore you will have to travel a long distance to get to somewhere with suitable arrangements for such a thing, making it a pain in the arse to do at times. And with your rifles you are forced to use each rifle at least 3 times a year so having to make a trek to go to shoot full bore rifles that often it makes it difficult.


I have done a decent bit of shooting in the US on occasion, just pistols though. The FN Five-seveN is a beast. Love that thing. A nice Colt Gold Cup Match 1911 stood out as well. Very nice bit of kit.

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