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glitched phone call from cesar ?


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Hello everyone.


I´m replaying SA again after a long time, and i think my save is glitched. My last completed mission is King in Exile, and, according to this source: http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Smoke%27s_Cash i should have already got a call from cesar. (yes, i know that Big Smoke's Cash is occured only Mondays & Fridays and Yay Courier only Wednesdays & Saturdays) but i free roamed few game days (on foot) and no call incoming. I think it might be related to Traffic glitch i recently fixed on my save using hmvartak page http://hmvartak.freeiz.com/ because i already started getting it cause of long play time. Even the information on wiki might be incorrect too, but it is rather unlikely. I really don´t remember when i started getting those call when i played before and i would like to obtain proofed patriot from that mission. I will be really thankful to anyone who can prove or deny information provided on gta wikia or check my save if i have any kind of glitch. I´m providing it: http://gtasnp.com/nijZ15


P.S: no, i don´t use any kind of modifications or cheat, exe 1.00.

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Your save appears to be fine. The wikia appears to be wrong, again. You must complete 3 of Catalina's missions before Cesar will start calling about Smoke's courier missions. Note that the calls don't come in at night. You still need to complete two more missions for Catalina. Cesar's next call will be for the Wu Zi Mu race.


And since the wikia seems to have the days of the week mixed up too...



I got the low-down on Smoke's yay!
Word is, every Monday and Friday the cash leaves Los Santos for San Fierro.
Then every Wednesday and Saturday a courier takes the yay back to Big Smoke.

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Thank you, done. Saved at 22:28 (because of 2 seconds fade out :) ) in ganton with tow truck in garage. Enough time to kill ballas around and get tow truck ready, stole cash from courier and tow proofed patriot to doherty. Lets go for it :cool:

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