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Fury Road V


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Straight to the point; I want to convert the world of GTA V to a MadMax setting. This thread is meant to allow discussion of the while i'm developing it.


General world description:


The entire island will be almost empty, with a blackout on the city. Animals will roam around, in every area. The only people you will encounter are gang members.

Vehicles are scarce, and all of them have owner. Supercars are almost nonexistent, with more durable vehicles being the most used. Factions do actively try to steal eachother's best vehicles, as finding them is hard and an armored vehicle can give a faction terrible advantage over others.


The same will happen with weapons, of course.


You will start joining a faction and doing everything you can to help them, be it defend their territory from other factions attacks, finding vehicles for them, etc.

Your main goal will be destroying every other faction.



Planned Main Features:



- No Peds and No Vehicles spawning naturally. I've seen Native Trainer do this ingame, so preventing the game from peds and vehicles naturally shouldn't be a problem.


- Multiple factions. Each faction will control different areas of the map, and they will be hostile to your faction, of course. I would like to set up a "Faction Relationships" system too, so you can piss off a faction o become their ally.


- GTA San Andreas style gang wars, you will be able to assault an enemy controlled area and conquer it for your faction. I you achieve so, members of your faction will spawn there. Enemies will be able to do the same.


Important Events


There would be no missions, but events. Stuff would happen, and you would decide if you want to take advantage of that situation or not.


For example, each faction needs to send a Fuel Truck to refill their Fuel reserves, including yours. Each time this happens, the player will be notified. You can let your enemies get the fuel they need or try to intercept the truck. You could even get that fuel to your base!


If it's your Faction the one that is sending the Fuel Truck, you should escort them to make sure everything goes as planned. Noone is safe in these roads anymore, you know.


Each faction will have to actively defend their territory, and they all will try to extend it if they can, so watch out. Bases can be assaulted without any warning.


Not So Important Events


A lot of stuff will happen under the radar. Factions will attack other factions, people will get to find rare stuff and try to get it to their base. The world will be alive and changing every day, as each faction is able acquire new vehicles, weapons, bases... or lose them!. Nothing is premanent in this world, I assure you that.




Every idea is open to discussion, including the fact that I don't know if what I want is even possible. Maybe so much code will make the game so slow it's unplayable, right? :lol:

I don't know. I want to talk about this concept, anyway.


Are you people interested?

What would you want to see? Do you have any ideas? Features? Missions?

Edited by TJGM
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This could be a lot of fun!

Would be nice to have cars modified to suit the tone ( dirty,maybe some specifics mods to make cars look more uniques, like the horns on trevor's truck,some paints to suit the post-apo theme)and maybe modify timecycle and those thing to have a more unique ambiance(heavy sun, maybe more dust in the air)

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I want to make this mod mostly because there's a lot of weapons and vehicles in the game that are not used outside of missions.


Just think about it: Fuel trucks going from gas stations to the faction bases, escorted by Armored Kurumas, Insurgents or Guardians. One faction needs to make sure the truck reaches its destination and the other needs to destroy or steal that truck.


Knowing that controlling one of the airports grants that faction access to planes!


Helicopters would be able to land anywhere, but like I said, vehicles aren't common in this world. If a faction sends an helicopter to attack or defend something, that's some big words right there. But, if that helicopter is destroyed, the faction loses it for real!


Helicopters would help the faction arrive faster at their destinations, too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

An apocalyptic Los Angeles appeals to me. :evilgrin:

Like buildings in decay or fallen into each other, like we saw in Cloverfield.

Lots of work though.


At least lets get the classic Ford Falcon in there.


"Last of the v8 interceptors"


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We could start with rust retextures for vehicles like semitruck and attach props to it with a mod menu.

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not exactly what you're asking for, but should go well in this sort of post-apocalyptic setting.

The video is made with an older build. The newest one has the weapon launchers and machine guns attached to the roof. Edited by InfamousSabre
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Golden Darknezz

not exactly what you're asking for, but should go well in this sort of post-apocalyptic setting.



The video is made with an older build. The newest one has the weapon launchers and machine guns attached to the roof.

I've been thinking why someone hasn't done this already and lo and behold it's an idea coming into existence.

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not exactly what you're asking for, but should go well in this sort of post-apocalyptic setting.



The video is made with an older build. The newest one has the weapon launchers and machine guns attached to the roof.



You created Interstate 76 mod. Please excuse me, while i try to process that awesomeness.

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An apocalyptic Los Angeles appeals to me. :evilgrin:

Like buildings in decay or fallen into each other, like we saw in Cloverfield.

Lots of work though.

Heh, no, you got the wrong idea. I only talk about scripting. Fury Road V would be about missions, events, that kind of mod, a script based one. I don't do models or textures, I'm not skilled in that.


If someone does a texture/model mod that would fit in the setting, I would recomend people use it along this one, but for now I simply plan on using dirt levels and mate colors on most vehicles. And some decorative damage, if I learn how to do it.


As the project is quite big and I don't think I would be able to it properly right now, I'm coding smaller mods that explore concepts that would be included in the big project. For example, I've released an advanced bodyguard mod, which could be the base for managing your faction. Next one should be a gang wars mod with territory conquest feature, or a "defend/attack that convoy" kind of script, similar to the money carrying Stockades event on the vanilla game (although more complex).

I want to explore the concepts before going for the big one, in the meantime, this is the scheme I'm trying to fill in my free time for Fury Road V:


  • General Idea
    • This mod will convert the GTA V island in apocalyptic wasteland. Four (or so) factions will now replace the peaceful citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County, battling day and night to wipe out each other.
      • Objetives
        • Have fun.
        • Destroy all the factions' bases. Each faction should have like 5 bases at start, with, lets say, up to 30 bases conquerable in the entire island.
  • Details
    • Factions
      • General
        • Each faction has multiple resources:
          • Vehicles
            • Each faction will have a list of the vehicles they will always have, and a list with the vehicles they have acquired. Vehicles from the first list will be infinite and will alwaysrespawn, but vehicles from the second list won't.
            • These vehicles will be used for anything that requires going out of their base. Escorting a Fuel Truck (or attacking one), going to find treasure, attacking other base, etc.
            • Vehicles don't consume Fuel, but are affected by the ammount of Fuel the faction has. If the faction is low on fuel, there's a chance their vehicles will stop working anytime. if the faction doesn't have fuel, they won't be able to use their vehicles.
          • Weapons
            • Weapons will be affected by the ammount of Scrap a faction has. The lower the scrap, the less ammo NPCs have.
          • Ammount of Fuel
            • Fuel fuels cars. No fuel, no working cars.
            • Factions acquire Fuel by sending Fuel Trucks to stations and getting them back full.
          • Bases conquered
            • Bases store vehicles and host NPCs.
            • A Base can be conquered by wiping out every faction NPC. From that moment, the base and all the vehicles it stored are acquired by the attacking faction.
            • A faction with no bases its considered wiped out and won't appear in the game anymore.
      • Your faction
        • You will start alone.
        • You will be able to join any faction from the start.
        • You will be able to get NPCs from your faction to follow you.
        • You can give new weapons to your faction by simply giving them to any ped that is in a base. The weapon will be added to the faction's arsenal.
        • You can add new vehicles to your faction by simply driving it to the faction's garage.
        • Depending on how well your faction is doing, they will help you or not. This includes:
          • Giving you weapons/ammo
          • Coming to your rescue if you need help
          • Helping you assault other factions' bases
        • Your faction isn't different from the others, it will have Fuel reserves and will need to send fuel trucks to Gas Stations to replenish their reserves. You can help them in this by driving the truck yourself or making sure the truck goes to the station and back to the base safely.
    • Dogs
      • Will guard bases along the normal guards at night
    • Vehicles
      • Vehicles are the backbone of every faction. No vehicles means no transportation for that faction.
      • Every vehicle has an owner, and faction members won't let a vehicle be abandoned. If a faction member finds a foreign vehicle nearby, they will get it and return it to their faction, adding it to the faction's vehicles if they achieve so.
      • That means that empty vehicles can be stolen by faction NPCs, so don't leave yours alone for too much time.
    • Aircraft
      • Forget about planes.
      • Helicopters won't be commonly used, but they can still be found and stolen. They mean a huge advantage for the faction that owns them, as you can imagine, but they will be very rare. Don't expect to see two of them at the same time ever.
    • Weapons
      • Low quality weapons aren't really scarce, but you will really need to strive to get any above average one. They, as everything in this mod, are treasure, and should be treated as such.
      • Like you get other NPCs weapons, they will now be able to get yours if you die and noone can defend your corpse from long fingers, adding the weapon to the faction's arsenal. Beware of dying alone.
    • Fuel
      • If a faction is low on fuel, their vehicles have a chance of stopping randomly, but if the faction has no fuel, their vehicles wont even start. This means that they won't be able to attack you, and their progress will be slower.
        • Fuel Trucks
          • Fuel Trucks are the main supply of Fuel for each faction.
          • Every X days a fuel truck will travel from a faction's base to a fuel station, and come back. You can steal it, destroy it, etc. The consequences are written below.
        • Cars
          • All cars have fuel. Any new car that a faction gets, grants them a little ammount of fuel.
    • Stolen goods
      • Sometimes, other factions will find special weapons or unusual vehicles. If they pass near one of your bases, you will be notified about this. If you destroy the vehicle or kill the ped that has the weapon, you will prevent the faction from acquiring it.
      • The same goes for you and your people, too. Other factions can be notified if you get a not-so-common vehicle or weapon, making them try to steal it from you.
      • Wrecked vehicles
        • If a towtruck gets to them, they will attach. If the towtruck gets them to a base, the base the vehicle will be repaired and now part of that faction.



There is more stuff, but it's in my head and didn't wrote it down yet. You are free to contribute! I am still thinking what vehicles and weapons will the factions have (at start, remember that they will be able to gain other vehicles later)


About vehicular combat, I don't know how can I do it and how far will I go if I try to implement it, apart from the basic drive-bys and rammings.

Edited by Eddlm
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Okay, I've started with the code.



The game will save everything that needs to be persistent in FuryRoadV.xml. Faction details (weapons, vehicles, pedmodels, Fuel stored) to Bases (center of the base, radius, parking spots) will be stored there.

When the game starts, it will read again from the file, and generate the bases, factions, etc again using the values previously saved. This means the world can change and any changes done to it will be persistent across game sessions. You can make progress in this mod.


I'm defining a test faction (Rednecks for now), with their vehicles, ped models, weapons, and starting bases (one).


I've chosen the Marlowe Vineyards as my first base to test stuff using that Rednecks faction. Once I have that faction to spawning naturally in this base, I'll get back with results and start defining other bases for them.





Any suggestions are welcome!

Edited by Eddlm
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I could get in on this I'm currently creating some mad max style cars with weapons and crazy sh*t going on


This video is of a modded monster truck/tank hybrid , it's not my mod but I'm working with the creator to make it more mad max style and rust looking and dirty



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Saw it on GTA5Mods, looks awesome! I'll try it sometime. That would be one of the mods I would recommend along the script I'm developing.


I've been looking for some nice places to set up bases, check them out.


You will see some Gas Stations in between, these won't be bases, but I wanted to capture them to have them already located when I code their relevant functions.

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I've chosen the Marlowe Vineyards as my first base to test stuff using that Rednecks faction. Once I have that faction to spawning naturally in this base, I'll get back with results and start defining other bases for them.






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Base conquer code is almost done.

Simply put, the game checks if there's any (alive) enemy in the base. If there is, the base is considered assaulted.

If there aren't alive NPCs from the base's faction, the base is considered conquered.


The only thing left to do is actually change the faction's owner when the base is conquered, so next time it spawns, the new faction is loaded there.

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