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The PERFECT Failed/Passed mission/heist screenshots


Recommended Posts

Either someone failed the mission or you did... post up your perfect screenshots (Prior to the text showing up).



Failed mission screenshot.... My character's Noobs f*cked up again look.




My character's bad ass look after passing a mission



Not sure if this is a pass or failed... most likely failed mission.


Failed mission.


Failed mission

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Zoots Remuvah

Not a screenshot but this was my most cringeworthy heist fail as we'd been doing a few and were doing them like robots.. then suddenly one member gets knocked off a bike and let's just say their lag played a part in what happened..


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Can't get a screenshot because #lastgenissues but my char always seems to roll his eyes whenever a randumb throws all logic out the window and blatantly breaks the only rule the game is so kind to remember and put in the middle of the screen such as "Don't scare the PostOP trucks".

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A friend took a screenshot of us in the air on a bike over vinewood hills which looked cool, I don't have it unfortunately. Most of the time it's my character pulling the "angry and injured at the same time" face.

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We Are Ninja



"I told that idiot that going in all Rambo only works for Rambo... -.-"



Edited by We Are Ninja
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Lol great idea OP I often wish that failed/passed screen lasted longer so I could take a screenshot. Some of the looks are priceless. I'll try to remember to snap those.


The first pic looks like you just came lol

how the F*** do you know what he looks like when he does that?!? You must be extremely generous, wanna be friends?

No eye contact though, ok? :p

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