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This forum is for structured discussion and debates on any topic you like. The idea is to have a specific section here in the non-gta related group for more interesting place to debate, away from the General Chat forum.


I will be moderating this forum heavily. Breach of rules as mentioned below probably won't result in stars/banning, but you will just be banned from this forum. One strike and you're could be out here.


The idea is promote fair discussion. This means that any personal attacks due to someone's opinion will not be tolerated. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, be it founded or unfounded. Anyone found lowering the tone of a discussion will simple have their post removed, and won't be welcome back again.


Pretty much any topic is exceptable, as long as you can fairly support your arguement. I want to encourage open minded debate.


I'm not going to outline exact rules on how to conduct yourself in the forum, you'll have to use your common sense. And if you're lacking in that department, I imagine this forum isn't going to be for you. If your post gets deleted, then that's because I feel it wasn't encouraging this ethos. Learn from it, move on.

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