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The Acid Kings MC is a veteran GTA motorcycle club with adult members. We are in search of active and mature crews of any type to start a new RP based gameplay option as an alternative to the traditional GTA environment. The idea is to make the best experience possible. We don't want to consider it a normal Role-play community. All the normal stuff you've experienced or read about for traditional Role playing may or may not play a factor here. Examples: you shouldn't get butthurt about small things like someone calling you by your gamer tag if they are a stranger. We're passionate about freedom and respect. This will be an American based RP. Any crew, of any shape and size, is welcome to join us on our endeavor to create a genuine RP on the GTA servers. Once we have the initial ingredients needed to start the journey, we can begin the fun and look forward to its growth. The rules will be simple, yet firm. The American judicial system will be vital to its success. We strongly encourage any law enforcement crews to consider your involvement in this RP. However, there will be a realistic system composed of magistrates, judges, and juries. This is simply an attempt to ensure realism, respect, and maturity to the atmosphere of the experience. Cops have to follow the rules too, and are subject to over-rulings via the court system. The detailed rules are available on the rules page. We're interested in anything the community has to offer. Obviously we are bikers, but more are welcome, along with mafia, racers, cartels, hitmen, politicians, military, gangsters, cops, bounty hunters, hillbillies, stoners....whatever you are interested in. You don't necessarily "Have" to be in a crew to participate. The goal is to create a diverse group of people. We don't expect everyone to get along, naturally. Thus the need for a solid system. This will not be a "load up and shoot em up" situation. All your actions will have benefits or consequences. All the American laws are in play. Obviously this is GTA and crooked crime is very apparent. But freedom to make your own decisions should be yours, however every decision will affect your future. The AKMC is in search of like minded individuals to join us in molding a new dynamic to GTA online. San Andreas gives us a very good opportunity to create this scenario. We understand there are other RPs out there, the purpose of this one is to basically create a more realistic experience in open lobbies. GTA has slowly become an alternative to call of duty. We would like to take another approach. The ultimate goal is to always have a lobby to join and enjoy. Once the operation is up and running properly, it will be a group effort to keep it legit. This is simply an idea that has potential to flourish throughout the community. If anyone is interested, please join the social club crew (PS4 Roleplay INC). Once we have enough people interested to create the environment needed, we can begin to appoint officials, and develop a structure that will surely bring some interest back to the game. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from everyone.


Interested? Take a look at the rules and regulations located on our website.



We have dedicated a social club crew for everyone to meet and get in contact with each other





Thank you

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great time in the rp lobby tonight. We need more cops!!!!

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