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[Xbox1] EST Canadian Players


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Looking for people around that time zone, yes, mostly looking for my fellow country men and women.


But it's whatever/whoever at the end of the day.



I'm a skilled driver, pilot, gunman and good hacker.


I'm looking to have fun, preform heists, and just have a good time in general.


Looking for others of the same mindset, and hopefully they USE THE MIC THAT CAME WITH THE *BLEEPING* XBOX1!!!!

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I'm from New York, so not too far, and EST. I've got a mic, lv 181, been through all the heists a bunch, done a ton of races, did a lot of car meets and drift/drag sessions. Lately, I've been grinding Snipers/Stunters and RPGs/Insurgents for cash, RP, and chrome muscle wheel unlocks.


Gt is Fox2quick


I'm on now


Also, I assume the 117 in your name is a Halo reference? I'm a big Halo guy too.

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Yeah bud, for a brick, I fly pretty good......


I added you

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