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Question about mods


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Hi everyone, I recently bought GTA V on steam for PC and I have a question about deactivating mods for online.


I installed a ton of mods:

Some are Open IV mods (I used a dedicated mods folder)

Some are .asi mods in the game directory

The rest are scripthook.net mods in the scripts folder.


My questions is, how to I easily disable all of these mods easily so I can play online? It would be very annoying to have to sort through everything and delete each mod before being able to play online

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Short of writing your own installer, I don't think there is one.


A mod loader would be a big help for everyone, then I might try a few as well.

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You can remove ASI Loader, and all your mods will not work:

1 - OpenIV mods (RPF mods) will not work because you used "mods" folder. (OpenIV.ASI is required to load modified RPF)

2 - ASI mods will not work without ASI Loader.

3 - As far as scripthook is also an ASI file, scripthook and script mods will not work either.


You can use OpenIV ASI Manager (in OpenIV menu "Tools" > "ASI Manager") to easily install or remove ASI Loader in one click.

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