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I can't install Grand Theft Auto V


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So this started two days ago I was modding GTA 5 and one of the mods i installed f*cked up the game and me being so stupid i didnt backup my game and i uninstalled it and went to bed thinking i clicked reinstall and i didnt. so the next day i woke up decided to install windows 10 and then after that was done I logged into steam and started to install gta 5 again and it was done so i clicked play and then it started to install again. after that i went to my steam folder/steamapps/common. and there was gta5 folder i opened it and there was only one folder nothing else in there only one random mod folder so i deleteed that and tried again and after that i clicked play, yet again it was wanting to install AGAIN so i went back to the folde, but this time there was no gta 5 folder. this happend 6 times now ive tried so many things to get this to work and so far there is no luck and its really annoying me at the moment.

Could it be installing it to somewhere else? if so i cant find it

Please leave suggestions in the comment or any tip/fixes

Thank's for reading and thatnks for the help!

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Can you provide more information - what do you meant by you can't install it? Is there an error message?


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Try to exterminate all the leftover of the 1st Installation and try again. If nothing helps try a good old Format C.

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