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GTA Vice City Confessions

Recommended Posts


Ken Rosenberg is my favourite character


The entire soundtrack is brilliant, but Wave 103 & Flash FM are my favourites.


Losing so much health when falling off a bike still, ANNOYS me!




The black tracksuit, the bank job outfit & the Havana outfit are my favourite clothing options.

😐😐 Fight me then, FIGHT! 👊😡

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Evil empire

I find a bit annoying to see some criminals disappear from the map even if Tommy never caught them during the vigilante sub-mission. I wonder if it's a mean to make the job faster or a glitch.

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  • Sonny Forelli is one of my favorite characters (in entire series)


My favorite clothing is Black Tracksuit avalible in Downtown and Brown Tracksuit from Little Havanna


Radiostation of my choice is Fever 105


One of the hardest missions for me is Boomshine Saigon, 'cause I'm laughing my ass off Phil's quotes and can't drive properly. Every goddamn time.


I like hitting Vercetti Gang members, as they get KOed immediately and wake up after some time (probably 'cause Tommy is their boss and they are afraid of him)


I had a coffee once. Just like Umberto. IRL.


Edited by SonnyNapoli

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Evil empire

I never managed to get the 50000$ reward in the dirtring.

Edited by Evil empire

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Ballas King
Posted (edited)

I don't like the mission Shakedown, destroying the livelihoods of the poor shopkeepers and sending them and their family into poverty (though game auto repairs them), but feel sad when a shopkeeper cries "my livelihood destroyed" !

And I had a crush on the stripper no 2 on the poles position club (I was 13 when i first got the game back in 2004), she can also be seen on the malibu and also gives private dance on another room on the poles position club after the asset is complete, and then as screen faded I always imagined Tommy and her had a go before Tommy got out ....



And I also a crush on Poles Position Club stripper no 2, I was 13 when I first got the game in 2004.... (she is also the bartender at the Malibu) and after the asset is completed she gives a private dance on a special room on the poles position club, as the dance ended and things got dizzy and faded, I always imagined Tommy and her had a go before Tommy got out....

Edited by wfank

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