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Jack Thompson's Stories (JTS) (Mission-Pack)


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Hello guys, this is my first mission pack that i uploaded. Actually, i used DYOM since end of 2013. But since i got bored making missions for myself, i decided to upload and post it here. Don't worry, it's pretty good. Please give me some feedbacks and ratings.


Chapter 1: Farewell

Story begins in Japantown. Jack and his friend Erick have some problem with the Yakuzas and try to escape. When they back to the hideout, Jack's wife Ana call him to get to the Hospital. She gives a birth. A daughter. Few days later, the Yakuzas found Jack's home and killed his wife. With the baby in the rear seat, Jack fled to Erick's house. He blames Erick for the death of his wife. Then, he moves to Las Venturas with his daughter and start a new life.

Chapter 2: TBA





MissionsDownloadPrologueHereShoot and runHere[/table]




This topic will be updated as soon as possible!

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EDIT: Probably that's what i'm looking for, goodluck mate, wait for my review :^:


- Here is my opinion about your missions :^:


Prologue and Shot and Run


Grammars:4.5/5 Nice one as first Mission-Pack, nothing special, all was good, i didn't notice something bad.


Spellings: 5/5 All was good too, nothing special


Difficulty: 4.5/5 enemies were though, but not annoying at all.


Cutscenes: 4.5/5 Good job ! a great cutscenes angles.


Object Placment: 5/5 No objects i guess ! so it's ok.


Overall my rat is 4.5/5 Keep it up with the good work !

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