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Trying to locate Crystal Clearout II and III's exact spot


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Please forgive my ignorance on this...I know the general area (Sandy Shores), but for the life of me, can't locate the mission icon(s) for either Crystal Clear Out II and III? I've gone over the map in-game with a fine-tooth comb (even during the correct times?), but still can't see them?


Can someone pin-point their exact areas on the GTA map where they're supposed to be? Any help would be much appreciated!


(If it helps, am on the PC.)

Edited by DentureDynamite
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For what its worth on lg and ng consoles the missions were removed a while back. The only reason i have them on ng is because I found a playlist on the social club. Try going to the social club and typing in cco3 in the search, or going to the social club and searching all the playlist until you find it. This is the same with potshots and coveted aswell

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Denture, if you add me I'd be happy to show you those next time we are both on. I'm in the daily objectives crew. A couple of tips: those jobs will not show on the full map, and they will not show on the mini map if you use extended radar. I've done them by just walking into the circle in the last few weeks on pc.

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^^ Yes, please--and thanks! Let me know what your RSC is (send me a PM?) and I'll add you as a friend.


If you can't message me (I notice you're still new to the boards), just add me in RSC; I'm "DentureDynamite" there too.


Like you said, as far as I can tell, R* removed all traces of their blue mission markers from the map, so you have to have previously known their exact location to play these missions. :(


I can only assume R* did this because people were over-playing them for GTA$ and RP? If so, at least they didn't remove them totally from the game, but it's next to impossible for relative noobs (like myself) to find them. lol

Edited by DentureDynamite
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