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How to get colored froggers in sp. (PS4)

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I'm pretty sure this works on xbox1 too, not sure about last gen. If you're looking for something different and not happy with just a black frogger, this is for you.


First, you need to own a helipad with Michael or Franklin.


Have completed the flight school course at least up to helicopter course.


Helipad MUST be empty, and you need to fly a frogger to flight school.


If you don't have a helicopter saved, find a black frogger at either the heliport or the Merryweather dock. Do not save it, just fly it to flight school.


If you have a frogger saved, fly it to flight school so your helipad will be empty during the helicopter course.


If you have any other helicopter saved, you must replace it with a frogger, and fly the saved frogger to flight school.


If you do not own a hangar at the airport, do not fly over the fenced in areas. Fly over the road that leads into the airport to avoid getting a wanted level.


Land in the driveway at the gate that's right next to flight school. Quick save while still sitting in the frogger.


Now go into flight school and select the helicopter course.


If you do not get the color you want, simply step out of the frogger to fail the course.


DO NOT click retry. This will just keep giving you the same frogger.


Click exit to go back to the course selection screen.


Click helicopter course again.


Keep following these steps until you get the color you want. It will cycle through red, orange, white, blue, silver, dark gray, and black froggers.


Once you get the color you want, ignore the checkpoints and fly straight to your helipad, land and step out of the frogger to fail the course.


Now exit flight school and your frogger will be saved at the heliport.


If you want to change colors, fly the frogger you saved back to flight school and repeat the process.


Have fun and feel free to ask questions.

Edited by TexasRocks
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The red can be found by Frank when Mike and Trevor are in exile in Sandy Shore at the helipads,the blue one at parachute jump(infinite obtainable on new gen),dark grey on Mr. Solomon and black at the Helipads anytime.Only the Orange,White and Silver are worth getting and the Coastguard Frogger as well. Good job finding it.

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Yeah I haven't gotten the lifeguard chopper since the old days on ps3 when you had force them to land and be on the ground waiting for them so you could pull the pilot out. That was a b*tch and could take hours to get it right. Last time I tried it you couldn't get in it no matter what.

And actually I've gotten almost all of these by doing the old busy heliport trick that's been around forever, but this is easier and it's a sure thing. Could take a long time trying to spawn all these colors.

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I should add that you cannot do this with Trevor. The training course will fail before you can reach his helipad. If you want him to have one, just have one of the other characters give it him.


For example I have Michael with the orange one, and Franklin with the white one. I wanted to get the silver one with Trevor, so I used Michael, swapped out his orange one for the silver, and had him deliver it to Trevor. Then I swapped the silver one back in for Michael's orange. So now I have all three of the rarest colors, besides coastguard of course. Anybody stumbles upon that one let me know.

Edited by TexasRocks

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On a side note, something else you can do that I thought was kind of neat, but it may just mean I can be weird. Lol


I saved the orange Speeder in Michael's slip at the marina, and the white speeder for Franklin, to match colors with their froggers.

Edited by TexasRocks

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Btw I keep forgetting to mention that there are two shades of silver, the second one a little darker, like bluish silver I guess.


So this is the order of colors they cycle through when using this method.







Bluish silver

Dark gray


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