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How do you spend *most* of your time in GTAO?


How do you spend *most* of your time in GTAO?   

197 members have voted

  1. 1. How do you spend *most* of your time in GTAO?

    • Heists
    • Missions / Survivals
    • Races / Car Meets
    • Competitive (deathmatches, LTS, Adversary etc)
    • Free Roam killing (includes other players, cops, NPCs and bounty hunting using any method you choose at the time)
    • Free Roam Activities (includes crate drops, smuggler planes, Simeon's cars, gang attacks, impromptu races etc)
    • Free Roam random (includes cruising around, modifying your cars, stunt jumps, exploring, taking pics, strip club, taking on random unofficial tasks etc)
    • It depends
    • I like to do a variety of things each time I play

Recommended Posts

With a game as massive as GTAO and with so many different things to do and ways to play the game, I'm interested in knowing how you spend *most* of your time playing the game.


Personally, I'm pretty much a 24/7 heists grinder. Since March 10th, I've spent most of my playing time doing heists. I really enjoy this 4 player co-op mode, especially since I usually have like minded friends online and if I don't, I come to the forums or go to LFH and always find a good crew to heist with. Even though I have everything I want to own across 2 characters and still have enough money to buy 3 of those gold planes, all earned legitamately, I still enjoy grinding heists and seeing my bank go up consistently. I'm not saying this to brag, I'm saying it to emphasize on how I enjoy playing this game. As a matter of fact, I'm currently in the middle of completing the CM challenge for the 3rd time because I enjoy helping friends get that bonus.


On the very rare occasions when I'm not doing heists, I'll be modifying one of my cars, outfits, and may hop into a survival or a mission or two once in a blue moon just so I can use some of my pegasus vehicles.


With all of that being said, there are times when I think to myself "man, I'm missing out on the rest of the game," since there is so much to do. So I've tried doing different things like free roam wars, deathmatches, races etc. and I just find myself bored and go right back to doing heists lol.


Please participate in the poll and share any details on how you spend most of your time playing GTAO.


Inb4 loading screens

Inb4 up in the clouds

Inb4 waiting for randumbs to join or fail my heist

Edited by Ciaran
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It depends. After grinding heist during double cash and rp Im basically done with online until a new update.

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Since "Looking at loading screens" is not a voting option, then I'll have to say variety type of things :p

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I spend most of my time playing missions and golf.

I forgot about golf and tennis. Theres too much to do in this game lol. Thanks for sharing.

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Since "Looking at loading screens" is not a voting option, then I'll have to say variety type of things :p

I was gonna say, no poll options for clouds and disconnection screens? ... :p

Edited by saintsrow
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Variety of things.


But if say, Casino was to be released, I would be in it 24/7, blowing millions and taking my friends money. :D

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I either hang out in invite only with friends and do whatever or I hunt bounties in public lobbies. Sometimes I like to help out low levels and kill those scrubs picking on someone only a fraction of their rank.

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I'll normally always be caught flying (usually a P996), but just depends on the day and my intoxication level.


Still need some reliable heist crew(s) for PC so that they can be done first time with easy.

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20% Missions

20% Heists

60% Free Roam Asshole

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Captain Sensib1e

Lately I've been in "Rally phase" creating a bunch of rally type courses, racing them solo, and buying rally type cars.


FFS I would have never thought I would buy a couple of rice cookers, but here they are!





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70%....climbing up and down ladders

20% driving off cliffs

10% random jobs

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60% loading screens


15% U.N. Errors


20% Contact missions


5% Everything else

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I listen for squeekers, lil underaged maggots who shouldn't be playing this game. then it's a strategic onslaught of misery, followed by a conundrum of chaotic terrorism... until they ultimately depart.

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Free roam random. I take lots of pictures, cruise, gang attacks, bounty hunting, missions and heists.

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90% races, broken up with parachute jumps, golf, darts, heists, missions and the odd deathmatch :yingyang:

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I selected missions, because over the long haul, I have grinded many, many solo missions to accumulate my millions.


But I use Mr Mission Timer and Mr Rubberband,so that on each mission, I really only spend about 4 minutes or less with the controller, and then I just do useful real world stuff, surf the web or write snarky forum posts for the rest of the time until 15 minutes, while Rockstar pays me.


So, I actually can say that I spend most of my time doing useful stuff unrelated to GTA0 activities. :p

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Heists....after that freeroam.

In the past i did more races and missions but heists pay better and the matchmaking has been better in the past then it is now so i also do not race often either anymore.

Edited by goldadderXD
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Freeroam nowadays as I have enough money to last me till GTA6 is released so no need to grind anymore and I have played every hesit/mission thousands of times (boring).


I have been playing a few survivals though as never really gave the mode a try and it's pretty fun tbh. I have also been joining a few TDMs here and there and again it's something fresh.


In all honesty though I have been spending my last week playing SP as I'm not really that bothered about GTAO anymore. I hope a new DLC is released soon so I can have at least a week of enjoyment again until the new shiny vehicles get boring like usual that is.


Id like to add I play solely in FPV when on foot and have to say SP in FPV is really cool IMO, I recommend others give it a try.

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Hiests / missions for half a session then freeroam to drive new vehicles and take photos for the remainder.

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