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Do you want to Grind? or Shine? Join Grind to Shine Gang, we are a mov


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GrindtoShineGang ain't just a gang, we are a movement. we originated out of East Los Santos as small time drug dealers popping off local gas stations now we evolve from the small time to big things in life like our dope ass condos, nice rides, and beautiful women. we go back to the hood occasionally to whip our cars and hang out but don't be fooled, we go where we want to go, its Shine Gang over everything.

We have a few alliances with different crews but as of now, we are focused on growing. Get down with my crew and you will grow in the ranks fast. i need people to help me grow and start this brotherhood movement




Grind To Shine Gang

If you need some one to do the heist, i got you.

i'm a have a lobby up for crew members only so we can all meet up and get to know each other

Being able to get promotions easily

we are a brotherhood, a movement, no one can stop us


I need people who are looking for a crew that's not too big but a decent size and can hold their own with a gun or fist. I need people who tried all the crews but still want a crew that's down


Xbox only crew but willing to open up to the ps network. just need some one to manage it.

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