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San Andreas Starter Save Discussion [PS2]

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I`m planning on making a starter save because I accidently deleted my save file on my ps2 :panic: ( I KNEW i should of made a backup on my 2nd memory card).Anyways heres what I`m planning on doing:

  • Completing the courier mission in Los Santos.
  • Spraying all tags in Los Santos
  • Completing 8 track in Los Santos
  • Collect all the oysters in Los Santos and Red County
  • Complete Taxi,FireFighter,Vigilante,Burglary, and paramedic missions
  • Buy all the safehouse in Los Santos and Red County.

    What else is possible to do before the mission Big Smoke, I`m going for about 25% before continuing

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Lethal Vaccine

You can't. 25% is not possible unless you mod the game or some sh*t. The highest you can get on ANY platform (other than iOS/Android) is 13.37%. On iOS/Android, you can reach 14.97% due to the Los Santos/San Fierro/Las Venturas Gyms are open from the start of the game, thus, you can learn the moves for the extra 1.60%.


Just go to Youtube and watch zmoonchild and fnxrak do the Starter Save. Those guys are extremely good. Also very good with Special Vehicle collecting and such...


Some of the things you list aren't even complete. Like...You CAN do ALL 250/250 Collectables before "Big Smoke."


Actually, just read here... -----> http://gtaforums.com/topic/798072-100-mobile-games-and-starter-saves-no-conversations/


Read khsh97's description. That is EVERYTHING you can do. His is for Mobile, thus @ 14.97%, but you can do everything he did, except the Gym Moves...


Here is his Original Topic, which you can reply in. The Topic above is only for POSTING Starter Saves or 100% Mobile Saves. NO DISCUSSION ALLOWED.


When it comes to SA, I personally never did a Starter Save, but I did them for III, VC, LCS, VCS, and CW. However, if I were to do a Starter Save for SA, I personally would only be doing Los Santos stuff, like you listed. I wouldn't do the full 13.37% as I may not have the skill to do things in locked territories with a 4 star wanted level. I might be talking out of my ass, and it might even not even be that bad, but I simply never tried it, thus I can't comment on it, but by the looks of it, it seems a bit difficult like the IV Starter Save with a 6 star wanted level.

Edited by Militia
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As Militia said there are couple of things you are missing

- stadium events: Bloodbowl (SF), Dirt Track (LV), Kickstart (LV)

- horseshoes, snapshots, oysters in restricted areas

- courier missions - I recommend doing LV Burgershot courier first to learn the basics of surviving in 4-star territory and then SF courier


Doesn't count towards the percentage, but still useful:

- getting pilot license early (just dont fly too far away from the mainland- this would glitch your game)

- unlocking restaurants early by initiating a date with any girlfriend- this will unlock all restaurants and CJ can get easily fat



You may consider doing additional challenges like obtaining weapons that aren't available in LS (such as minigun), getting Katie, Michelle and Barbara early (and possibly experiment with 2- timing dates and their proofed vehicles) or getting vehicles such as Sandking, Sea Sparrow and saving them in LS.


Useful topics:

http://gtaforums.com/topic/304874-care-and-feeding-of-a-san-andreas-impound-garage/ if you want to play with impounds

http://gtaforums.com/topic/424135-proofed-cars-from-jealous-girlfriends/ getting proofed girlfriends' cars is a bit tough challenge to start with, you may come back to it once you are more experienced


There's still a lot more to it, so if you want to know anything, just ask. :)

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Lethal Vaccine

In a Starter Save, you can only get 3 (I think) AP Girlfriend Vehicles. The AP Monster, AP Romero, and AP Police Ranger....If I am not mistaken. I don't think you can date Denise or Millie early, and I also don't think you can date Helena early to get the AP Bandito, either.


As for difficulty, I think it's simple. I only had trouble comprehending what I had to do through what I was reading. But then OrionSR and fnxrak took me step by step and held my hand so to speak to explain it. Once I actually knew what was going on and how it's done, I was able to do it. It's all about understanding, not so much being difficult. However, trying to tow one of them back to a Garage while on a 4 star wanted level is probably way harder...Or perhaps way more annoying. I got the AP Hustler and AP Romero when I was in San Fierro during the Story. Later on when I unlocked Verdant Meadows Airstrip and The Desert, I got the AP Monster, AP Bandito, and AP Police Ranger. Didn't care for Millie's AP Feltzer, since I get the AP/EC2 Feltzer from End of the Line. If Millie drove her Club as a jealous girlfriend, I would get it, though, but that doesn't happen. I have Millie's Pink AP Feltzer in my Mobile Save, though. :)

Edited by Militia
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I know this is an old thread, but I didn't want to start a new one. Just watched this AWESOME video posted by MetalMilitia89 and I loved it.




This summer at some point, I want to create a better Starter Save than my usual ones I have done over the past 12 years. Usually I do them with only the Los Santos stuff done, but Militia called attention to the fact that you can do a ton of stuff with a wanted level it never occurred to me to consider! ;)

Edited by ChiroVette

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Lethal Vaccine

You and I both....It was only 6-7 weeks ago when I finished my 13.90% Starter Save for SA. I never thought I'd actually be able to do half of the stuff. Before I reached 13.90% (With Big Smoke Passed and EC Black Perennial Acquired), I had a Starter Save @ 8.02% Completion (With Big Smoke Passed and EC Black Perennial Acquired). This didn't include ANYTHING in The Country, San Fierro, The Desert, or Las Venturas. Slowly but surely I tried some of the tasks and didn't find anything difficult, thus proceeded with trying more. I started with trying NRG-500 Challenge (Without Maxed Bike Stat), Blood Bowl, as well as bringing Rare Vehicles back from San Fierro and Las Venturas to Los Santos. I got a lot of practice and then thought I could even do the Collectibles of which I did. I thought Snapshots were the easiest followed by Oysters and last, the Horseshoes. The Horseshoes weren't a problem and were standard stuff, but there is about 15 or so you need using a Seasparrow and if you're new to all of this, obtaining a Seasparrow in and of itself can be a problem for beginners and getting it from locked territory to bring back to Los Santos to store on the Mulholland Roof. I've been blown up by Hydra Missiles trying to get the Horseshoes you need the Seasparrow for at least 25 times before getting all of those 15 in a row without being blown up. Once you store it on the Roof of the Garage (Yes, that can save on top of the Garage as most people who don't collect Special Vehicles or look into any of this sort of stuff wouldn't know this probably), you can then use it to get around to the Oysters for instance easier, etc. Something I learned was you can actually BE IN locked territory WITHOUT spiking any wanted level. If you know the boundary lines, you can just park the Seasparrow somewhere, while you swim a bit to where the Oyster is. Get it, then swim back to the Seasparrow and proceed. There is only about 15 of them that no matter what, you will need to get with a Wanted Level but using the Seasparrow once again helps for that and using a fast Motorcycle to grab the handful of them ON the Island of Las Venturas helps, too. Some of them are in Pools on the actual Island of Las Venturas where getting a wanted level can't be avoided...Only the Oysters in which are off the coast and in the actual Ocean and sh*t can be avoided with the Wanted Level.


Since I was at it, I decided to take Photos of some Stats of mine in my Starter Save as well as my Rare Vehicle Collection. The "R" on the Map is indicating Ryder's House in Ganton for the Mission "Ryder." I only did Big Smoke and acquired the EC Black Perennial for my Starter Save, as well as doing all required tasks for 100% to reach 13.90%. Plus, obtaining 9 Rare Vehicles found in Vigilante, Locked Territory Spawn Points, or Locked Territory Found in Traffic (Turismo).










Rare Vehicle Collection:





Edited by MetalMilitia89

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Nice car collections!


Actually the Oyster collection is a particularly attractive get for a starter save. Don't get me wrong, I love San Andreas, but one thing I absolutely HATE is the picky girlfriends. I am pretty sure that with maxed sex appeal from all 50 Oysters collected, you don't have to go through the grief of constantly changing your appearance, muscle and fat proportions, worrying about your car and clothing sexual appearance, and that you can pretty easily max out the girlfriends.


I would also do the starter save a little different than what some on Youtube are doing. Before venturing out of Los Santos and dealing with the constant fire from an automatic wanted level, I would make sure to have completed Paramedic and Vigilante level 12 for the increased health and armor, and would spend about 20 minutes carefully flying the Shamal around Los Santos to get my pilot's license so I can just waltz into all the airports.


By the way, is there any way to get a BP police vehicle, obviously other than the tank? Would definitely make for easier early Vigilante clearance.

Edited by ChiroVette

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Lethal Vaccine

Thanks. Getting them this early is quite challenging. Getting some of these later is as easy as taking it found in traffic once Las Venturas is unlocked, etc. But having all of these in the beginning is good so you can use the legendary EP/FP Conversion and make all of these Rare Vehicles EP/FP with Gray Imports Mission, etc...


Yeah, that is why I also like the Oysters cuz they you don't need to bother with looking a certain way. You can date 3 of the 6 Girlfriends in a Starter Save, too, and unlock fast food restaurants before completing "Ryder," however the fast food isn't needed. As you can see from my Starter Save and the Stats, 0 Meals Eaten...Used only Vending Machines...


Yeah, that is something I didn't care to have early, a Pilot's License. I would get shot time to time, but nothing too bad. It's easy to quickly hop on top of the booth, then jump down onto the ground, grab your Vehicle and continue into the airport once the gates open from the inside.


Tbh, zmoonchild and others show that Paramedics, Vigilante, etc, etc, isn't even needed. They literally show starting a new game and then going to go do everything in the beginning without even bothering with Paramedics and Vigilante and things like that until much later. The less Health/Armor, the more challenging, although, I also did the wanted level tasks when I had Paramedics and Vigilante already complete.


EDIT: About Vigilante, you can technically get Barbara's AP Ranger in a Starter Save and use it for Vigilante Level 12, but it's not needed. It's actually really simple. I get an HPV-1000 and drive in front of the enemies while they are driving toward me and then I use Free Aim with M4 or Minigun to blow their Vehicles up and eliminate them. Then I get back onto the HPV-1000 and renew the Level and Time. Continue and reach Level 12. I don't even use SMG and doing drive-by on them or anything. That isn't a good strategy...I saw zmoonchild get to Level 25 or so doing what I just described. He's the one who gave me a lot of ideas and things I learned from him. Same with fnxrak. fnxrak's style is "easier" than zmoonchild, so his Videos are nice to watch. zmoonchild goes all out and does some incredible stuff, but fnxrak plays it a bit more safe and if it's your first time, I'd watch him. If you're getting better and have experience, then watch zmoonchild do all of this stuff...

Edited by MetalMilitia89

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