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Recommended Posts

- I'm looking for about 1-2 players to do this challenge with, if interested.

- I've been trying to do this challenge for ages but people are never on at the same time, connection issues, etc.

Criminal Mastermind Challenge consists of having to do ALL heists, setups & finales, without losing a SINGLE life, on hard difficulty. In other words, no one can die.


- Have to be atleast rank 120 & up. (Without Mic)

- Rank 80+ WITH A MIC. (No squeakers).

- You need to be experienced, familiar with what the heists consists of, meaning you have played ALL setups and finales before.

- Need a heavy utility armor heist outfit saved as player saved outfit.

- Snacks and armor are also vital to have in your inventory.

We'll be using the armored kuruma/insurgent throughout the challenge. It would be helpful if atleast another player

had either one, or both.

We'll also be trip skipping.

If interested, add my Xbox One gt: BrooklynBabyx0

Please message me regarding the Criminal Mastermind Challenge if you want to do it.

OR, leave your gamertag & rank below. Thanks.

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Car Meets N Glitches

I am rank 105 with a mic, I am 15 so I am not a squeeker. I have a fully upgraded armored Kuruma. I have played all the heists already. GAMERTAG: McHerpDerpinton

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lvl 190, with a mic, im 15 and have already done the CMM challenge so get me if you cant find other people who havent done it. GT: xXMrBreakableXx

Edited by MrBreakerz
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I'm LV90 with a mic. I have the fully upgraded Kuruma. I have done all the Heist and Setups and am very familiar with them.


GT: PhamtomSamurai7

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Hey guys i can't send messages to you as of now but if you're interested then let me know - message me on xbox one please

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I'am level 210 don't have a mic but will listen. gt is M3NACE2S0BRI3TY

Edited by M3NACE2S0BRI3TY
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D-YATES-12 I have every weapon Inc homing and mini gun I'm level 125 with armoured cars too. Very good and methodical in heist mode!

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I sent you a message on x1 to your other account(can't remember the name)

I'll be able to do this Thursday night.

also I don't have a lot of free time but I'm off Thursday and maybe Friday. And as I said late night EST is the best for me. Anything from 10pm onward.

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