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Blue lights, cold night

Nameless Foot Soldier

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Nameless Foot Soldier

Blue lights, cold night.


Took up a light, sat away from the eyes that might shine far too bright.


Blurred thoughts, clouded sights, seeking something for my delights.


Nothing in mind, got caught looking dreadfully for what's right.


Said some words, mumbled some verses.


Looked around, found nothing amusing.


Alone and feeling funked, I did indeed take a slight walk.


Felt the need to converse with my own waning deeds.


They left me feeling disrespected and some lack of meaning.


Shook it off, made my stand and grabbed my strings.


Others looked and sighed in disbelief, had some nasty words to throw at me.


I choose to walk, but my might is not what it seems.


Let it move so swiftly along, maybe I should’ve took some chalk to mark some notes behind the roads that I’ve walked.


In hindsight, our voices live only in retrospect.


Truly discounting all those years I lived and awoke, telling myself some drips and drops.


I side myself in a worrying flow, feeling lost inside some kind of grove.


I’ll let it all come out, in voices that never shout, hiding behind some will and doubt.


I know who I want to be, but I spill out all my beans.


Start all over, count them again, take some numbers and find a little rhyme for my mind.




-A something by Nameless

Edited by Nameless Foot Soldier
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Mokrie Dela

There's something off about the formatting and layout here. I read it aloud and liked the general flow, but there were some lines that just destroyed that. Perhaps they should be split across two lines, but they did affect the flow of it.

Apart from that, I liked it. Though I didn't like the double spacing. It ended up reading like one long verse, and I felt like having it split into verses would work better.

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