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PC: Game freezes when near the flying Atomic Blimp


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Not sure if this Problem exists till the very beginning of GTA V but for a long Time when ever i`m getting close near the Blimp (doesn`t matter if with Helicopter,Plane,Parachute or as a Bird) the Game instantly freezes and need to be closed.

This Error happened the first Time when i thought "hey,finally i can control those stupid flying Birds,now let`s try to land on that Atomic Blimp over there.

That`s why i always try to avoid the Blimp but sometimes you just accidently "bump" into the Blimps Pathway and "boom!!" Game freezes.

Any Ideas how to change that?


The Game runs pretty nice and luckily i have a small Screen...


Here are my Computer Stats:


Windows 7 Home Professional 64nit

Intel I5 3470 Quadcore (3,2 Ghz to 3,6 Ghz with Turboboost)

Nvidia 660 GTX 3 GB


500 GB Samsung Harddrive


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