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Connectivity Issues (PS3)


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Recently I changed my ISP and ever since my connection to games in general on PS3 is sh*t.


Prior to switching, I literally had a download speed of 121 Kbps and upload almost identical, and could play almost anything seemlessly (there was lag here and there but flawless in general). I was using a wired connection and my Ethernet cable fed right off of the modem. I will also mention my NAT type was NAT Type 1, as it may be useful info.


After switching ISPs, I now have access to a wired and wireless connection through a router. My download speed now reaches an average of 3.9 Mbps an upload of around 400 Kbps. The NAT type has also changed to Type 2.


I should also mention I use the wifi on my phone and have incredibly responsive use.


I was expecting my gaming connection to be better with the switch but, of course, when I load up a game, for example, GTA V, I can play, but other players jump everywhere and there is little to no voice chat. Even worse is Battlefield, which doesn't even let me switch weapons or move, if I can connect to a session. This happens with both a wired and wireless connection.


I should mention that I have tried connecting while my phone is off and the ps3 is the only thin using connectivity.


I have been searching for a couple days and came up with the same two suggestions:

- Put the PS3's IP into the routers DMZ (kinda sceptical because of security issues).

- Give PS3 a static IP and use port forwarding on the router.


My two worries with these are:

- Will either one work?

- More importantly, will either affect the router in any way that will impact usage on other devices like my PC and phone


If anyone who has a vaster knowledge than my days worth of hearsay and is willing to help me out, it would be appreciated.


Also note this may be the wrong section, but I didn't know whether to post here or in technology section.

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