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GTA V Handling Editor by chinagreenelvis


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Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/cge-s-gta-v-handling-editor


This executable file (source included) scans the provided directory of original handling.meta files (including DLC) and creates a new set of files based on percentage values in the configuration XML. In other words, it makes copies of the handling files and simultaneously edits them. (A value of 1.0 means no change; a value of 0.75 means every stat of the edited category will be 75% of its original value; 1.25 is a 25% increase.) This way you can edit the attributes of every vehicle in the game by tweaking one stat and the vehicles will yield the same relative differences as vanilla.

I've included extra sets of tags specifically for bikes and motorcycles. The default settings are my personal preference.

I'd be interested in discussing the pros and cons of editing values simultaneously, and also the effects of each tag.

Installation: Use OpenIV to put the contents of the modfiles/update.rpf folder into your custom update.rpf. (OpenIV works a little strange in this regard; in order to do this, drag and drop the update.rpf folder into your update.rpf file and the contents will be added.) The original file does not have the same folder structure for DLC, but I have tested it and it does work.

Edited by chinagreenelvis
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One thing I'm interested in doing in particular is creating a larger curve for vehicular damage in which low-speed collisions don't do much damage but high-speed accidents will absolutely destroy an automobile's body and engine. I'm playing with three values in particular: fCollisionDamageMult, fDeformationDamageMult, fEngineDamageMult. I'm trying to find out if there's a way to strike that balance between the three of them.

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